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Scosche's new arm mount lets you watch Netflix in the shower hands-free

Scosche seems to know what it's doing when it comes to making wirelessly-charging phone mounts that don't get in the way of your vehicle's climate control vents. In fact, at this very CES, the company extended the MagicMount's utility with new air freshener cartridges that integrate right into the base. Today, though, we come to a little something different: a suction-mounted telescoping arm.

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Scosche jams an air freshener into its car mounts so it can sell subscriptions

Last year at CES 2019, Scosche announced the MagicMount Charge3, a car mount that hooks into your car's air vent to keep a phone locked steadily in place. Unlike similar products, the MagicMount was designed so neither the mount or the phone would obstruct airflow from the vents, plus it supported wireless charging for your phone. This may sound like the holy grail of car mounts, but this year Scosche added the one thing that was obviously missing: an air freshener.

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Scosche's MagicGrip Charge wireless charging mount literally grabs your phone from you

Scosche already announced a nifty wireless charging in-car mount, the MagicMount Charge3, at CES yesterday, but the new MagicGrip Charge is pretty interesting as well. This Qi-powered mount actually grabs your phone from you with motorized arms — something I've never seen on a car mount before.

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Scosche's new phone car mount is magnetic, won't block air vents, and has wireless charging

Magnetic mounting, not blocking air vents, and wireless charging — when it comes to phone mounts for cars, you can usually only pick two of those. Scosche has announced a phone mount at CES that aims to include all three of those features — the MagicMount Charge3.

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[Update: Winners] 14 lucky readers will be getting a Scosche MagicMount Pro Charge wireless charger with 10W fast charging (a $69 value) [US]

When it comes to wireless chargers, the biggest drawback of most of them is they make it hard to see or use your phone while it charges. Chargers that mount your phone in a way that faces you tend to have various mechanisms that add extra steps to putting the phone on or taking the phone off of the charger. Scosche's MagicMount Pro Charge, however, gives you a top notch wireless charger that places your phone in perfect view and without any cumbersome gadgets to keep it in place.

Even better, 14 AP readers will get one free thanks to Scosche.

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SCOSCHE MagicMount Pro Review - A Highly Convenient Magnetic Mount With A Couple Of Trade-Offs

Car phone mounts can be a real pain to use. Most mounts on the market use some sort of clamping mechanism to secure your phone. While a clamp can effectively hold your device while driving, it is not a very elegant solution. Access to buttons is often blocked by the arms of the clamps, phones can fall out during sudden stops, changing from landscape to portrait can be a chore, and mounting the phone is often a two-handed operation.

SCOSCHE, a car and phone accessory manufacturer, believes that magnets are the answer to all these annoyances. They have been making magnetic mounts for a long time and just debuted their new line of magnetic mounts, the MagicMount Pro series.

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[Update: Winners] Win One Of Three Travel Bundles From Satechi, ECOXGEAR, Scosche, And Android Police

Brace yourselves...summer is coming. (That's the saying, right? Yeah.) You know what that means: vacations, camping, time outside of the house, and other stuff. And you know what THAT means: your devices are going to need more juice than ever and you're going to need a way to blast some music while doing your thing outside.

This contest is now over.

The final results are listed below. If you've won, you will be contacted in the near future. Congratulations!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, and RSS.

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Scosche's magicMOUNT Magnetic Mounts Are Now Available, Current Models Range From $14.99 To $24.99

With the number of options that are out there, our smartphones have gradually become more useful for in-car navigation than dedicated GPS units. Unfortunately, holding a phone in your hand isn't the safest (or most legal) driving habit, and mounting your device to the dashboard doesn't work as gracefully as many accessories out there claim. Yet Scosche might be on to something with its latest products, the magicMOUNT magnetic mounts.


Scosche is offering magicMOUNT in multiple formats, so users can mount devices to dashboards, windshields, tabletops, or walls. Each variation works the same. Users install a "MagicPlate" on the back of their phone or tablet, inside the battery cover, or within a case.

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[Quick And Dirty Hands-On] Check Out This Little Box With A Retractable USB Cable In It From Scosche

A few weeks ago, I went on my semi-annual trip from Texas to Virginia to spend some time with my family that lives there. Throughout the duration of my stay, I had to tether for internet access, as I generally stay with my grandparents (<3), who don't have internet. They're extremely old-school country folks who like to keep things simple. Visiting them is actually incredibly refreshing – the air is pure, and lifestyle is vastly different than what I'm used to.

But I digress, this isn't about lifestyle or family. It's about convenience. While visiting my family and relying on tethering as my only connection to work and the internet, I always have to carry several USB cables with me.

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Scosche ControlFREQ Car Stereo Review: Decent Head Unit, Absolutely Terrible Companion App

I'm sure the first question on your mind is why is AP reviewing a car stereo? Two words: Android app. Basically every aspect of the controlFREQ from Scosche ($119, can be controlled from the companion Android app (there's also an iOS version, but neither is required for the player to work) – or at least that's the claim being made here, anyway. The execution is, let's just say, less than perfect.


Since the stereo itself is nothing to write home about, we're going to focus primarily on the app and how it functions with the controlFREQ, as well as where it could be improved (spoiler: nearly everywhere).

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