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Archos announces world's first Android-powered scooter, will cost €499.99 ($617)

French tech company Archos is largely known for its budget Android phones and tablets, but it has also been producing mobility devices for the past year (in Europe, at least). In case you ever wanted a scooter running Android, Archos has you covered with its new 'Citee Connect' scooter, which goes on sale this summer for €499.99 (about $617).

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Awesome: Scoot Lets You Use Your Android Phone To Rent A Scooter, Then Dock Into It To Become A Smart Dashboard

Have you ever rented a car to get around a city you're visiting, or borrows a friend's, only to find that you've paid a bunch of money for the convenience of travelling four or five miles back and forth a couple times? Even Zipcar can feel a little wasteful at times, especially if you're the only one it's carrying.

The video shows and only discusses the iPhone mount, but Android mounts are available, too.

Well, Scoot Scooters wants to make electric scooter rentals a thing, and they're doing it in a way that can only be described as pretty effing awesome.

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