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[Hands-on] Scheduled lets you write, schedule, and auto-send messages to your contacts

Remembering things is getting tougher and tougher every day. One second I'm thinking I should reach out to my uncle to ask how he's been doing after his surgery, the next it's out of my mind and it doesn't come back until many days later and I feel like the most horrible niece ever. I've used to-do lists and calendar events even to remind me to message someone, but when that notification pops up, I keep snoozing it until I find the time to write the actual message. Messaging people and staying in touch isn't easy with our hectic lives, whether it's birthday greetings or simple "hey, how are you?"

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Major 6-Hour Google Market Maintenance Coming This Thursday. What Could It Be For?

As a registered Android developer, today I, along with thousands of other devs, got the following email from the Android Market Support team. The email informed me that the developer console, which is the interface used for publishing new apps, will be unavailable this Thursday, November 18th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. PST. The customer-facing Market itself will continue working just fine (or so I hope at least), but no new applications or app updates will be allowed.

Now, what could this update be for? It could be as simple as the promised Market housekeeping that was announced 5 days ago, although it seemed far less serious, and I got the impression that it did not require any downtime.

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