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Google Assistant routines are now official in many languages/countries (but not Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, or Sweden)

Google Assistant routines can save you a lot of time by executing multiple commands in succession after you say a simple sentence. They started off as "My Day," which brought a simple morning routine, but then multiple routines were enabled, as were custom routines, and finally scheduled routines. But until recently, they were only officially available if you set your Assistant to use English (US). Now, they're supported in many more language/country combinations.

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Scheduled custom routines are now available on the Google Home

It's been a long and winding road for routines on the Google Home and Assistant. When the feature went live this past March, only six routines with limited actions were available, but at I/O we were promised customization and scheduling would be coming later. Custom routines landed soon after, in May, but scheduling took its sweet time and has just arrived.

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