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Samsung Pay makes its way to Sweden in beta form

Samsung has been steadily adding more countries to its list of supported Samsung Pay markets — we just saw India get added not too long ago. The contactless payment service functions like the Apple and Android counterparts, but adds in the benefit of being able to work with older terminals via Magnetic Secure Transmission, which is especially awesome here in the U.S. But now, Sweden is getting Sammy's payment solution. It should be noted, however, that this is in beta for now.

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Lumigon Launches The T3, A Premium Smartphone With Unique Scandinavian Design

You may not have heard of Lumigon before - I hadn't. A quick Wikipedia visit informs me that it is a Danish technology company, specializing in high-end and premium smartphones. Its previous phone, the T2, launched in 2010, with the T2 HD released in 2014.

The latest creation to come out of the Copenhagen-based company is the T3. Lumigon describes it as a premium smartphone with unique features in Scandinavian design. Looking at the press shots of the phone, it certainly is different from other devices on the market - it has a curved top and bottom but straight edges, and a screen that at least appears to blend into the frame surrounding it.

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