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Shady smartphone maker Saygus is back - begging investors for money

While it wasn't pointed out to us until a couple of weeks ago, apparently smartphone non-maker Saygus published a blog post back in November of 2018, begging investors for cash. It's exactly the sort of desperation we'd expect of a company that announced a smartphone three years ago then never shipped it to anyone. And yet, Saygus came back again, and again, and again with excuses, telling would-be customers that their phone was only getting better, just a little delayed, and would be out shortly. It never launched.

The blog post on the company's website, presumably authored by Saygus founder and CEO Chad Sayers, says that the Saygus phone's launch is still "anticipated," which is probably the vaguest promise issued yet about whether or not the phone will actually ship.

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Saygus offers V Squared customers a free Snapdragon 835 upgrade because who even believes this anymore

Saygus is a company that, if nothing else, has provided us a rich source of content over the past two-plus years. They revealed their phone at CES 2015. Then it was delayed. And then it was delayed again. And again. In fact, the Saygus phone is essentially a running joke here at Android Police and with some of our commenters because, well, how can you not laugh at this point? Saygus announced the phone in Fall 2014.

Are we giving a probably-bad-actor who craves nothing more than attention what they want here? Sure. But no one believes what Saygus is peddling anymore - not anyone with a shred of ability to think critically.

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Saygus says it's restarting the FCC approval process for the long-delayed V-Squared

The Saygus V-Squared smartphone, which debuted with an intriguing presentation at CES a year and a half ago and was still being changed and promised at MWC in February, still isn't available. Of course it isn't. It's coming any day now, it really is, right after Valve releases Half-Life 3, Apple makes a combination television-car, and Google brings Fiber to [insert your town here]. But Team Saygus is insistent that the development process continues, as evidenced by their latest tweet.

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Defying All Expectations, Saygus Phone Finally Ships

I'm sorry. Of course it didn't. But - wait! Don't leave yet. I have actual news to share with you on this oft-insufferable day of fools, and news from Saygus, no less. "It's probably just more excuses," you'd say, defeated and without hope. Well, uh, actually, you'd be right. So there's that.

Saygus set a shipping estimate of the end of March back in January, and I thought it was probable they'd unveil a very new and exciting list of reasons why they wouldn't be able to meet that estimate at some point very soon. As it turns out, "some point" was the afternoon of March 31st, also known as yesterday.

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Saygus Says It Added Marshmallow, USB-C, Waterproofing, And Dual SIM Card Slots To The V-Squared Phone

Saygus, the company that really will have an actual smartphone for sale any day now, they totally promise, has some more promises for you. A press release issued at Mobile World Congress lays out a series of improvements to the crowdfunded V-Squared phone, which should be easy to implement since the phone still isn't finished despite a first quarter manufacturing target. No less than four, count 'em, four new features have been introduced since... last year's Mobile World Congress. The fact that Saygus has missed multiple ship dates between now and then is conspicuously absent from the press release.

Those features are "waterproofing" (an interesting claim, since every other manufacturer has the sense to cover their asses with the term "water-resistant"), Android 6.0 software, dual-SIM card slots (a popular feature for unlocked and low-cost phones outside the US), and a USB Type-C port, a la that OnePlus 2.

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Saygus Phone Switches Manufacturers Again, Company Undams Lake Of Word Vomit On Twitter To Justify Actions

Remember Saygus... again? Well, everyone's favorite homegrown smartphone train wreck took to Twitter yesterday to unleash a torrential downpour of excuses for what essentially amounts to additional delays. Surprised? No, I do not believe anyone is at this point.

The short of it (I am condensing because there are 15 separate tweets and 18 replies) is that Saygus dropped their manufacturer in China again because their ODM partner had a "vast difference in biz [sic] policy," which is business-speak for something involving money. What sort of issue it was, exactly, was not elaborated on. That they said "ODM" is also quite revealing, confirming what I had long assumed about Saygus: the core design of the phone was being outsourced to another company.

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Editorial: Remember The Saygus Phone? It Still Hasn't Shipped, And Should Be A "Pre-Order" Lesson To All Of Us

When the Saygus V2 smartphone (or "V Squared") was announced back in January of this year at CES, it was not particularly premium, it was not particularly interesting, and it didn't even seem especially impractical to build. It was a high-end-ish Android smartphone with dual microSD slots that allowed Saygus to claim it could have up to 464GB of storage using two 200GB SanDisk microSD cards coupled with the phone's 64GB of internal NAND.

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Saygus Delays The V-Squared Yet Again, Launches Mega-Suspicious Indiegogo Campaign

Building a smartphone is not easy even for established companies like LG and Samsung. So you have to maintain healthy skepticism when a company like Saygus rolls into town and says it's going to beat the big guys at their own game. The dual-SD card Saygus V-Squared was announced back at CES, but the ship date has slipped a few times already. Now the company has hit another major snag and decided to start a shady Indiegogo campaign. Yikes.

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[Hands-On] Saygus V2 Pre-Orders Open Today — $549 If You Act Quick And Want The Most Intriguing Smartphone We Saw At CES

Update: Pre-order registrations have been extended "due to high demand," until Monday February 2nd, 12pm MST. Beside the $50 discount you get for registering, you'll also receive an extra battery and a glass screen protector. Pre-orders should open on Monday, but the discount and freebies will be gone then.

Beside Energous, the most novel company I met with at CES 2015 was Saygus. Here was this start-up I hadn't heard about touting a superphone of sorts, with bells and whistles to rock most bells and blow most whistles, an unconventional product that seemed, on paper, more hallucinogenic than the most optimistic crowd-funding project you've come across.

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