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Google app v8.20 beta adds screenshot donation, renames Saved back to Collections, and more [APK Teardown]

The last two versions of the Google app have been fairly sparse for significant changes, likely because we're closing in on the major Google event next month. With the release of version 8.20, there are a few things worth quickly running through, including a new option to donate screen captures, additions to Podcast screens, and Saved pages has been renamed back to Collections (again).

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Google can now automatically group your dank memes (and some other stuff) on mobile

You've been able to save images on Google's app and mobile site without downloading them for a long time now. Last September, that functionality extended to non-image pages, and in April, customizable collections rolled out to replace saved pages. Now, certain image searches trigger the Google app to ask if you'd like to create a collection for the thing you're searching for — and images that fit the bill automatically save to the appropriate collection.

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Google app is testing "Saved" pages in the side menu and a new bookmark icon in Custom Tabs

In its perpetual move toward making our lives as Android journalists impossible, Google has started rolling out a new test in the Google app. As always, I'm calling it "new" because this is the first time that I recall seeing this among the thousands of tips we receive, but it could have been showing up for some users for a lot longer. This one involves Google's integration of its new "saved" images, places, and pages in the mobile Android app.

But first, let's clear a couple of things. The "Saved" icon started rolling out in Google's mobile site as part of a new sidemenu around the beginning of August.

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