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Google Trips 1.6 adds videos and blog posts to help you discover your upcoming destinations [APK Download]

Google Trips is one of the hidden gems of Google's arsenal of apps. What started as a small app that manages your flight and hotel reservations is now nearly a full-blown travel planner with essential tips on how to get around and what you need to know about the city/country you're going to, management for many reservation types, saved places that sync with Google Maps, discounts and offers on various activities, and a complete list of places to visit with ratings and reviews from the Maps community.

It's the latter part that's getting updated now with one small, but handy, addition.

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Google Maps v9.54 prepares to add saved locations for your school and gym, notification channels, and what looks like a task list [APK Teardown]

An update to Google Maps v9.54 began rolling out to users through the beta channel yesterday, but it doesn't appear to have any visible changes going live quite yet. However, a teardown of the apk does bring a few hints about what to expect in the future. There are clues about a couple of new saved destinations like the Home and Work slots that have become so useful, the first stirring of support for Android O's notification channels, a few new "promos" to get people interested in various features, and a very curious feature that might turn out to be a task list of sorts.

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You can now save custom locations in Uber (besides work and home) with Saved Places

Today Uber announced their new Saved Places feature. The name is descriptive, as it gives you the ability to store selected locations inside the app, for quick selection before travel. Now you don't need to remember or search for addresses to frequently visited places via the service. Humorously enough, Saved Places even supports Emojis in names. I expect a coming flood of people labeling work as 💩.

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Google Trips will now prefer saved places when putting together a day plan

Google Trips is one of the lesser-used Google apps - it was only released in April - but that's not to say it's not incredibly useful. When the time comes to plan a trip, the app should be the first thing you look at to decide what to do, where to eat, and check for any reserved tickets or other items. A new update, 0.0.42, for Trips has arrived on Google Play, adding some neat new functionality for even better ways to plan your trips.

By far the biggest thing in this update is the ability to have Trips prefer saved places when creating a day plan.

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