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Google can now automatically group your dank memes (and some other stuff) on mobile

You've been able to save images on Google's app and mobile site without downloading them for a long time now. Last September, that functionality extended to non-image pages, and in April, customizable collections rolled out to replace saved pages. Now, certain image searches trigger the Google app to ask if you'd like to create a collection for the thing you're searching for — and images that fit the bill automatically save to the appropriate collection.

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Google Collections start rolling out, replacing Saved pages

If there's ever one constant in life as an Android fan, it's that nothing is constant with Google. Last September, the company started rolling out My Saves (or Saved pages), a mish-mash of your saved images on Google Search, saved bookmarks while browsing search results in the Google app, and Maps lists. But just a few days ago, Cody discovered that changes were afoot with Saved pages, and now Google is starting to implement those and switch to "Collections."

Depending on whether or not you're part of the server-side test, if you go to your Saved pages either through the Google app or by navigating to, you may see the more modern interface where the saved lists are now called "Collections" and laid out in a more compact way.

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Google app v7.26.16 beta may be preparing Collections to replace Saved pages [APK Teardown]

It has been nearly two weeks since the first beta of v7.26 began rolling out with several hints about what we can look forward to, but a minor update just started rolling out that appears to contain something else of some interest. It seems like something called "Collections" is coming to Google that looks mighty similar to the Saved pages feature, but with a few improvements already emerging.

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