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Rakuten is offering 15 percent off all orders, up to a $60 discount

Rakuten is known to run some killer deals from time to time, and the site is at it again. You can currently get 15 percent off any purchase, up to a maximum discount of $60.

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[Deal Alert] Buy Two Chromecasts From Best Buy, Get $15 Off

You know what's better than being able to stream Netflix, Hulu, Play Movies, Play Music, and loads of other content to a TV in your house? Having the option to stream it to more than one TV in your house. Sometimes the living room just isn't he place to be, but you're out of luck without a Chromecast in the bedroom. That's a bummer. Thankfully Best Buy is ready to save the day.


For a limited time, if you grab two Chromecasts from the double B, you'll get $15 off. So, that's two Chromecasts for $55, making them basically $27.50 each.

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