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Galaxy Tab S7+ renders show off 12.4-inch screen as rumors talk 9,800mAh battery

Samsung is one of the only remaining companies still putting out new Android tablets — at least, those worth buying. Earlier this year, rumors pointed to a large-screen refresh of the Tab S6. New renders of the upcoming S7 tablet were released online just last week. Now there's another early look available at the Tab S7 line, this time showcasing the plus-sized variant, the Galaxy Tab S7+.

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Grab the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 for an all-time low of $448 ($202 off) on Amazon

The Android tablet ecosystem isn't nearly as vibrant as Apple's, but that hasn't stopped companies like Samsung from trying to make it work for them. The South Korean giant has honed the tablet experience (within Android's limitations), and now you can reap the rewards. Pick up the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 for an all-time low of $448 ($202 off) right now on Amazon.

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Samsung's Galaxy Tab Active Pro is a rugged Android tablet coming to U.S. job sites

If everyday life can be hard on your beloved Android handsets, forcing them to survive on a job site is downright torture. To give work-assigned devices a fighting chance here in the States, Samsung is bringing its ruggedized Galaxy Tab Active Pro to the U.S. workforce.

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Samsung's new tablet comes with a 10.5" OLED screen for just $400... if you want an Android tablet

Samsung officially announced its latest tablet today, the Galaxy Tab S5e. And I'm not sure what it's trying to do - or who it's competing with, other than Samsung's own products. In the tablet market, you have one player that essentially matters: Apple. Apple makes full-size iPads starting at $330 for the classically proportioned 9.7" iPad, all the way up to a staggering $1000 for the entry-level version of the 12.9" iPad Pro. Storage options and LTE can send them up into the stratosphere from there.

The Galaxy Tab S5e is priced at $400, and that makes it a bit of an odd duck when you're pitting against Apple's lineup.

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Pictures Of Samsung's 18.4" Galaxy View Tablet Leak And Oh God It Has A Carrying Handle

SamMobile has published some very press-quality photos of Samsung's alleged upcoming 18.4" tablet today, and while confirming the hugeness of the thing, it looks like we can now confidently say the Galaxy View does indeed run Android. It also has a big-ass handle because portability or something. Look at that thing. It's positively meaty.


Handle aside, the [I assume removable] plastic attachment thingamajig also serves as an adjustable stand for the mega-tablet, allowing it to be propped up in various positions for your tablet-computing pleasure. We're also seeing what looks like a microUSB port, a headphone jack, and, yes this is going to hurt, a proprietary charging port.

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[Update: Sold Out] Universal Car Headrest Mount For Tablets $8 After Coupon On Amazon

Amazon has a great deal on the Aduro U-Grip universal car headrest tablet mount today. The mount normally costs $13, but after applying a coupon code you can pick one up for just $8. A tablet set in a mount like this can be a huge help in maintaining sanity among the kids in the back seat while on a family road trip, especially when paired with some bluetooth headphones and a high speed USB car charger. I guess one of these would also work great to make your next Uber taxi ride a little swankier.

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Samsung: Honeycomb (Android 3.5) Will Come After Gingerbread (3.0); Larger Honeycomb Tablet Coming

Disclaimer: initially, I was reluctant to pass this one on, but it looks like it may be more credible and less speculative than I first thought.

During IFA today, Samsung confirmed that Gingerbread is next and will be Android 3.0, and that it will be succeeded by Honeycomb (3.5). It is possible that things will change between now and then, but this is an official, public word from Samsung in direct response to a question - fairly concrete.


They also divulged that they're working on a larger (presumably larger than the Tab) tablet for Honeycomb. As for the Tab itself, it'll ship with Froyo (which we already knew), and will be updated to Gingerbread once it's released.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Prototype Spotted Again, With Some Hands-On Details

A prototype of Samsung's Galaxy tablet (creatively named the "Galaxy Tab") has been spotted again, this time in the hands of a Chinese citizen. Unfortunately, Google Translate is pretty awful on this one:

Broke the identity of a mystery, e-mail name is (づ¯ 3 ¯)づ, good sense ... pregnant, and he also presents us with a gift: The Galaxy Tab landing our home, so ifanr a Samsung flat in the first Chinese Web site, thanks his readers!

Those pregnant men, they always seem to land all the good gadgets. Our mystery leaker confirms some previously-rumored specs while sprinkling in some commentary.

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Samsung Galaxy S "Tab" Tablet Spotted, Confirmed For Q3 2010

Samsung has confirmed that their Android tablet device, the Galaxy Tab, will be shipping in Q3 of this year. The Galaxy Tab has been rumored for some time now, and is very similar in design and function to the Galaxy S line of phones – which our own unboxings show are some pretty gorgeous pieces of kit.


As you can see, the tab truly does look like an oversized Galaxy S. While it’s certainly not ugly, the Tab doesn’t quite seem to pull the look off as well – this is a case where simply being blown up just doesn’t quite work.

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