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Get a Samsung SmartThings Hub for just £55 (£24 off) on Amazon today only

The Samsung SmartThings Hub is the Swiss Army Knife of smart home devices. It can connect to just about every smart home device in existence over a variety of wireless protocols, combining everything in a single control panel for easy management and automation. Those of you in the UK can get it for just £55 right now, during a limited Boxing Day sale.

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Tech giants including Amazon, Apple, and Google come together to establish new smart home standard

Modern "smart" home standards have more than a few dumb things about them, like the fact that certain hardware often locks you into a specific ecosystem of supported devices and software. If something works with Alexa, it doesn't always mean that it will work with the Assistant or Siri, and that's not even mentioning the whole obnoxiousness of "hubs." Thankfully, a new open standard is being developed by some of the biggest names in the smart home industry, with Amazon, Apple, and Google all backing a new open-source approach via the imaginatively titled "Project Connected Home over IP." It's a complicated-sounding name, but what really matters is the fact that future smart home products will be more inter-compatible and secure.

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Samsung SmartThings will soon support more devices, 'Rules API' for offline automation also planned

Samsung's SmartThings hub was once a staple of most smart home setups, as it supported all the varying wireless standards used by smart devices (Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, etc.) and integrated them into one place. Now that most smart home devices use regular Wi-Fi, SmartThings isn't quite as essential as it used to be, but Samsung still has big plans for the platform, as revealed at the 2019 Samsung Developer Conference.

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Samsung SmartThings gaining support for EU plugs in preparation for German launch

Samsung SmartThings is a versatile smart home platform with one crucial caveat: It only supports US and UK plugs at the moment, locking out many interested parties in countries with different wiring. This is about to change. In preparation for IFA in Berlin, Samsung announced on Wednesday that it's bringing SmartThings devices to Germany this September. With the country using EU wall plugs, this should allow people based in other countries with these sockets to import them, too, and use them without adaptors.

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Midweek deals: Save on Philips Hue bulbs, Roku streamers, connected speakers, and more

We like to keep you folks abreast of all the best gadget deals we run across, but we can't devote full posts to all of them. So, in round-ups like these, we share some of the best bargains from the past few days you may have missed. This Wednesday afternoon: discounted smart lights, streaming dongles, and mesh routers to keep them connected.

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Samsung's giving $20 off on orders of $100 or more (and $40 off $200+) for SmartThings

Earlier this month, home improvement store Lowe's announced it was shutting down its ecosystem of 'Iris' smart home devices. In addition to giving some Iris device owners prepaid Visa cards, Lowe's is working with Samsung to ensure the company's SmartThings hub supports as many Iris devices as possible.

If you're a former Iris user looking to replace your unsupported devices, or if you just want to deck your home out in smart stuff, Samsung has a decent promotion right now.

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Samsung Connect app rebranded to 'SmartThings'

We've known for a while that Samsung is consolidating its 40+ smart home apps into the SmartThings app, and the company confirmed yesterday that the revamped app is coming next month. Now it appears the Samsung Connect application, which is one of many being folded into SmartThings, has itself been rebranded to SmartThings. That's not confusing at all.

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Samsung SmartThings app overhaul coming in March

Samsung's smart home ecosystem has become rather confusing over the years. Samsung ConnectSamsung Smart Home, and SmartThings all have overlapping functionality - resulting in a horrible user experience and a confusing mess for everyone.

Samsung previously announced it would finally consolidate "more than 40 apps" into the SmartThings application in Q1 2018. Today at Mobile World Congress, the company announced a more exact date.

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Samsung will consolidate all its smart devices under the SmartThings app with a huge upcoming overhaul in Q1 2018

This is great news. No, scratch that. This is fantastic news. Samsung is doing the right thing, finally.

If you've bought into the company's smart home efforts previously, you may have noticed a disparate selection of apps to control each one, like Samsung Connect, Samsung Smart Home, and SmartThings. This made no sense except than to show clearly how separate each department is inside the company. But that's no more. As announced at CES, Samsung plans to consolidate "more than 40 apps, including Samsung Connect, (...) into the SmartThings app." 40 apps, yikes... and yes!

But there's more good news for those of you who joined in the Samsung / SmartThings ecosystem.

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Most Wanted: The best smart home products you can buy

One of the biggest trends in consumer technology over the last few years has been the rise of the smart home. The number of different device categories that now make up the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) has grown immensely, with connected appliances now found in many households across the US and beyond.

The smart home was once an expensive hobby for tech-fiends only but has now become an affordable aspiration for normal people. You can get started for less than $30 these days, with some lights or a smart switch that can connect to your Wi-Fi network and be controlled with your phone.

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