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Samsung Pay Mini to launch in South Korea for all Android smartphones

The web component of Samsung Pay has long been rumored to be coming, so it's no real surprise to see it formally announced today. The service, which sees Samsung attempting to broaden its services offerings in response to Google, Facebook, and Apple, will go live in South Korea before the end of the first quarter.

Samsung Pay Mini is comparable to how Android Pay works to pay for items online. E-tailers opt in to the service, which means as long as the dedicated app is downloaded, users can easily and quickly pay for products or services without needing to fill in forms or get cards out.

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Samsung Pay Mini online payment system and 'Bixby' voice assistant mentioned on beta site

New rule for 2017: every payment system must work everywhere, or at least be offered for every possible merchant. That seems to be the direction that Samsung would like to take, as a new Korean language site for the company has mentioned a different version of its digital payment system, dubbed "Samsung Pay Mini." This payment system would work with any cooperating online merchant, opening up Samsung Pay beyond standard brick-and-mortar transactions, and giving Samsung a lucrative slice of those transaction fees.

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