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Upcoming Galaxy Note7 software update in the USA will completely stop the device from charging

In the ongoing Galaxy Note7 saga, today's chapter includes another drastic measure taken by Samsung in the USA to encourage reluctant owners of the phone to pretty please, come on, it's time already, stop using their device and return it. So after issuing an OTA in the US that limits the battery capacity to 60% in November, Samsung has scheduled another update that will completely prevent the phone from charging.

The OTA, which is scheduled for December 19, will take about 30 days to be distributed to all remaining devices, and will stop the Note7 from ever charging again. So it can only be used for as long as its current battery capacity lasts you, after which it's essentially a useless brick.

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Samsung will need to use extreme care handling a second Note7 recall, and it will suffer regardless

The Galaxy Note7 is in full-on product free-fall right now. Retailers are pulling it off shelves, Samsung has stopped production, and the once-deemed-"safe" versions of the phone are very obviously not. Things, frankly, could not have gone worse for Samsung. The Note7's launch has been brought to a screeching halt, and while many consumers may have been OK with Samsung's first battery fire flub given the relatively quick turnaround and response, this second round simply has no hope of retaining that goodwill.

This means Samsung will have to be walking-on-glass-covered-in-vinegar-and-angry-snakes levels of careful in how it manages what happens next.

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Two new, reliable reports of replacement Note7s catching fire in the US

Two new reports in the US emerged late yesterday of Samsung's "safe" replacement Note7 smartphones catching fire. One, in Kentucky, actively went unreported by Samsung (the fire happened on Tuesday) and caused a man to be treated at a hospital for smoke inhalation when his phone caught fire in his bedroom overnight. The second gave a 13-year-old a minor burn when a Note7 battery failed in her hands.

Both reports seem extremely reliable.

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