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Samsung releases four new Galaxy S9 teaser videos focusing on its 'reimagined' camera

As we approach the February 25th launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9, it's become apparent that the USP for the Korean company's latest flagship will be its "reimagined" camera(s). Perhaps that's because there's little else to focus on in an iterative update with few outward-facing improvements that the marketing department can really do anything with. There is a chance, however, that there will be some truly exciting enhancements that could see the camera on new devices compete with the Pixels and iPhones of this world.

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Samsung Chairman Lee Jae-yong now actually arrested on bribery charges in South Korea

One month ago, an arrest warrant was issued for Lee Jae-yong, the de facto chairman of the entire Samsung conglomerate. The warrant later was nullified when challenged in court by Samsung, but a new warrant issued today has stuck: Mr. Lee was arrested in Seoul and charged with bribery. The entire scandal revolves around an ongoing political crisis involving the country's president. Lee is accused of paying bribes to organizations run by President Park's personal advisor, Choi Soon-sil, in exchange for political favors. But the details of the larger scandal are rather tedious, so I'll leave the BBC's excellent summary for you to peruse here.

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