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You Can Now Buy The $600 Galaxy View In The US From Samsung And Other Online Retailers

The Samsung Galaxy View is without a doubt a niche product, but for the right person, this giant 18.4" tablet could be a tempting buy. Granted, $600 is a lot of money, especially when it only manages to have a 1080p screen (and a rather meager 8 hours of battery life). Regardless, the Galaxy View is now available in the US direct from Samsung or via Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H.

Ordering from Samsung does allow you to also buy an extended warranty plan with accidental damage protection at the time of purchase, at $89.99 for two years or $159.99 for three.

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Pictures Of Samsung's 18.4" Galaxy View Tablet Leak And Oh God It Has A Carrying Handle

SamMobile has published some very press-quality photos of Samsung's alleged upcoming 18.4" tablet today, and while confirming the hugeness of the thing, it looks like we can now confidently say the Galaxy View does indeed run Android. It also has a big-ass handle because portability or something. Look at that thing. It's positively meaty.


Handle aside, the [I assume removable] plastic attachment thingamajig also serves as an adjustable stand for the mega-tablet, allowing it to be propped up in various positions for your tablet-computing pleasure. We're also seeing what looks like a microUSB port, a headphone jack, and, yes this is going to hurt, a proprietary charging port.

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