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Samsung owes Galaxy S4 owners $10 for cheating on benchmarks

Back in 2013, when the Galaxy S4 was the flagship of Samsung's smartphone lineup, we got word that the South Korean tech giant was artificially boosting CPU and GPU performance to report inflated benchmark scores. After three years and one class-action lawsuit to reprimand Samsung for its infraction, a settlement is finally happening to the tune of $13.4M.

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LineageOS adds new Quick Settings tiles and support for 15 new devices

Since our last LineageOS post, the project has continued to add new features and support new devices. In addition to new Quick Settings tiles and changes to included apps, the ROM now supports 16 additional devices.

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US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S4 Lollipop Update Now Available


Samsung Officially Introduces The 'Black Edition' Note 3-Style Galaxy S4 And S4 Mini

The Galaxy S4 is nearly a year old now, but that doesn't mean Samsung's done releasing new variations of it. Today the company has officially announced a new "Black Edition" of the flagship that comes with the plastic, faux-stitched back panel that first appeared with the debut of the Note 3.The new S4 model is joined by a variation of the S4 mini that looks the same, just smaller.

S4-1 S4-2 S4-3

The new Galaxy S4 and S4 mini come with black power adapters, data cables, and headphones (as opposed to the usual white ones). They will also come preloaded with a set of eight wallpapers and a few new ringtones.

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Leaked Android 4.4 Build For The Galaxy S4 Shows White Icons In The Status Bar, New Camera Lockscreen Shortcut, And More

Last month we took a look at Google's Android Compatibility Definition Document, which stated that OEMs must use white icons if they're using translucent status bars. This change could provide a more uniform experience across Android devices, something that would be better for consumers and developers alike. But the question remains - will OEMs play ball? Well, the folks at SamMobile have gotten their hands on a leaked Android 4.4 build for the Galaxy S4, and it looks like the answer, at least from the leading Android manufacturer, may be yes.

Sam1 Sam2 Sam3

That's right, those are white icons in the status bar up there.

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Sprint Announces The Purple Mirage Galaxy S4, On Sale Today In Stores, Online On August 16th

School's about to start, and nothing goes with that new backpack quite like a Galaxy S4 rocking a dazzling shade of purple. No longer will Sprint customers have to sacrifice power and functionality for the sake of fashion. Especially considering that the Moto X's customization will initially only be available to AT&T customers, the Purple Mirage Galaxy S4 is about as vibrant an option as a Sprint customer looking for a high-end phone is going to have anytime soon.


The phone is available today in stores, but it won't be available online for a couple of days. Eager customers can turn to the Sprint website come August 16th.

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AT&T Galaxy S4 Receives Firmware Update To Version I337UCUAMF3, Sports Improved NFC And Other Bug Fixes

Sprint may be rolling out an update to the Galaxy S4 today, but AT&T customers are not to be left out. The company is distributing an update to version I337UCUAMF3, which is not the same as that going out to Sprint users. While it's 359MB file size is remarkably similar, it ushers in a different set of bug fixes. The update also enables two additional LTE bands and improves NFC. Aside from that, there's nothing else particularly exciting to see here.


The update should fix issues with rebooting, WiFi compliance, and other pre-installed applications. Bug fixes don't get our mouths watering, but they're essential, so it's nice to see them.

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MF9 Update Rolls Out To Sprint Galaxy S4, Adds Apps To SD Storage Option And Other Enhancements, May Lock Down Bootloader

Pick up that Galaxy S4 that is totally not going to explode and give it a glance. Sprint customers might just see the MF9 update begging for attention. Don't expect anything too major here, but after the download is complete, your phones should support installing apps from the Play Store onto MicroSD cards. Other niceties include HD Voice enhancements and additional wallpapers.


This is an OTA update, so there's no need to whip out the USB cable and fire up Kies. The full download is 357MB, so you might want to find a WiFi network beforehand.

Version MF9 includes enhancements and fixes to:

  • HD Voice enhancements
  • Audio Clipping with headphones at higher levels
  • Enable market app installation on sd card
  • Wallpaper modifications - removed one and added two new ones
  • Corrected issue causing "Unfortunately Messaging has Stopped"

Rooted users might want to hold off before downloading.

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Google Releases Kernel And Platform Source Code For Google Play Editions Of HTC One And Samsung Galaxy S4

You know who you are. While the rest of us were waiting for the Google Play Edition HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 to arrive, your mind was elsewhere. You want to get your hands dirty, and now you can. Google has released the kernel and platform open source code for both the HTC One and the Galaxy S4.


Update: When asked about the proprietary binary drivers that one would usually find on the Binaries for Nexus Devices page, Google pointed fingers at the OEMs. Same goes for the full factory images. These distinctions show several important differences between Nexus and Google Play Edition devices.

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Samsung Announces Five Additional Galaxy S4 Colors - Blue, Brown, Pink, Purple, And Red

At today's Samsung Premiere 2013 event in London, the Korean smartphone giant announced that it will begin selling the Galaxy S4 in five additional colors. These new models won't be different internally from what's currently available, just more eye-catching. It remains to be seen if this colorful strategy will give a boost to the Galaxy S4's sales numbers, not that it needs all that much help. The Galaxy S4 is still outselling all other Android smartphones by a wide margin, even if it isn't doing so quite as spectacularly as investors would want.


Galaxy S4's new colors:

  • Blue Arctic
  • Brown Autumn
  • Pink Twilight
  • Purple Mirage
  • Red Aurora

If the Galaxy S4 didn't seem like a worthy upgrade based on specs alone, maybe the change in color might change your mind.

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