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Get a dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S20 for just $620

The Galaxy S20 is undoubtedly an excellent phone and comes with some of the most advanced mobile technology. Unfortunately, when the handset was released February, it cost at least $1,000, which is incredibly high for a phone. Thankfully, thanks to these deals on eBay, you can snatch an S20 for just $620 or an S20+ for $640, making them far more affordable than before.

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The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S20 is getting the August security patch

Samsung has just started rolling out the August security patches to its Exynos-equipped international models, but the company isn't thinking about slowing down. Today, it has released the latest security updates to unlocked US models, as SamMobile reports. T-Mobile also jumped on board and has started rolling out the patches to its S20 models.

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The AT&T Galaxy Note9 is receiving the July security patch

Shortly after the Galaxy S20 series started receiving the July security patch in Korea and Europe, all kinds of unlocked US Galaxy phones started receiving it, too, as 9to5Google and Redditors reported. And now, the update is also available on the Galaxy Note9 on AT&T.

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 will support electronic IDs later this year

Samsung is working on making online identity verification easier by creating a framework that lets you store your ID securely on the Galaxy S20's embedded secure element (eSE) chip. The API will be available later this year, and is deemed safe enough by German and European authorities — the country will be among the first to let citizens store their IDs on the Galaxy S20 and use the eIDs to identify themselves online.

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Sign up to win a Samsung Galaxy S20 from Chargeasap (Update: Winner)

One of the hottest phones of the year has undoubtedly been the Galaxy S20 series. Adorned with Samsung's industry-leading displays, high-end specs, and a powerful camera system, Sammy's latest make for both a worthy upgrade or introduction to the Android ecosystem. This week, our friends at Chargeasap are giving away a brand new S20 in any color of the winner's choice. Here's everything you need to know.

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The BTS Edition Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+ will be available in the US

The Korean phenomenons BTS and Samsung have teamed up to release special editions of the Galaxy S20+, S20+ 5G, and the Galaxy Buds+, as previously leaked. Like the Galaxy Note10's Star Wars edition and the Galaxy S10+ Olympic Games version before them, the products come with cosmetic software changes, another coat of paint, custom packaging, and extra goodies in the box. They'll even be available in the US, which is unusual.

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Pick up a new unlocked Galaxy S20, S20+, or S20 Ultra for $200 off

There was a lot to love about the new Galaxy series when Samsung dropped its S20 trio earlier this year: Gorgeous 120Hz AMOLED displays, long-lasting batteries, and sophisticated camera systems to please all levels of photographers. With today's special deal, you can now save $200 on a brand new factory unlocked Galaxy S20, S20+, and even the exorbitant S20 Ultra at Amazon, Best Buy, and Samsung's website.

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Should you buy a OnePlus 8, or a Galaxy S20?

OnePlus' newest phones are more expensive than ever, and even with a more "affordable" variant, that definitely doesn't mean budget phone anymore. The OnePlus 8, not even, the Pro, is a $700 phone. That means it's going up against other premiere 5G handsets like the Galaxy S20 on both features and price ⁠— the 256GB OnePlus 8 costs just as much as the base Galaxy S20 right now.

With the phones clearly going after a similar part of the market (at least for the moment), which should you get? That's what we'll try to answer here.

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Get a dual-SIM Galaxy S20 for $700, $300 less than the US model (Updated)

The Galaxy S20 series is quite expensive, with even the lowest-end model costing $1,000 in the United States. If you're not picky about cellular reception, the dual-SIM S20+ is just $800 on eBay, and now the dual-SIM S20 is down to $749.99.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 owners are experiencing GPS lock issues

The Galaxy S20 lineup comes with exceptional hardware and Samsung's familiar high-end design, but just like any tech product, they're not perfect. We were not too impressed by the ratio of the S20 Ultra's capabilities and its price, and now an issue has popped up that affects the whole S20 series: Some people report that they can't get a GPS lock in Google Maps and Waze on their brand-new phones.

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