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Please don't buy a Galaxy Note7, at least for now (returning yours is a good idea, too)

Android Police rarely issues any kind of directive not to purchase a particular product. Recent news around the Galaxy Note7 is what I would deem cause for us to now do so. It's not because of our sincere desire for your safety so much as what the chaos around the Note brand right now means for owners of the Note7 down the road.

Currently, AT&T, the US's largest (or second-largest, depending on the quarter) mobile operator, is actively seeding discussion about dropping the Galaxy Note7 entirely.

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Hands-on with the Galaxy Note7: Eyeball scanning is standard

There is perhaps no better-selling “enthusiast” or “power-user” smartphone than Samsung's Galaxy Note series. When it debuted in 2011, it was dismissed as ridiculous by many (myself included). It was too big, we said - too big to hold, “and for what? Who needs this?” many of us barked at the time (how wrong we were). But the Note series became a runaway success, and each year, millions of Samsung fans await the latest iteration.

Last year’s Note, though, may have been the biggest letdown in the Note series yet. It had no microSD slot, no removable battery, and it didn’t even launch in Europe - perhaps a signal of the Note series entering a wind-down phase.

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