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Samsung Flow lets you unlock your PC with your Gear watch, enables Smart View to mirror your phone's display

Samsung is building bridges between its different devices through its Flow app. The app can already let you unlock your computer with your phone, sync notifications between your phone and PC/tablet, easily create a hotspot between them if you're not near WiFi, and quickly transfer files. The newest update pushes things even a little further.

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Now you can unlock your Windows 10 computer with your phone via Samsung Flow

Over the last week Samsung has updated their Samsung Flow app on Google Play and the Windows Store to work with more devices and to support a new authentication method. It might sound uninteresting, but it means that your Samsung phone can now unlock your Windows 10 device. At least, when using the corresponding app for both Android and Windows 10. So even if your computer doesn't have a fingerprint reader, you can now use the one on your phone to unlock it.

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Upcoming Samsung Flow update will bring added device synchronization for Galaxy and Windows 10 devices

Samsung has officially declared that an update to its Flow app is coming. Slated for April, it will expand to more Galaxy and Windows 10 devices. If you don't know what Flow does, it allows you to use your Galaxy's fingerprint sensor to unlock your PC, act on your phone's notifications via your desktop, share browsing sessions, and transfer files both ways.

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Samsung Flow will soon allow you to unlock any Windows 10 device with your Galaxy's fingerprint scanner

Samsung Flow is not a new app, but the basic gist is that you can use your Galaxy phone's fingerprint scanner to unlock your Tab Pro S Windows 10 device. It also allows you to do other things like see and interact with your phone's notifications on the desktop and transfer content and activity between the two (where supported). Thus far, this has been limited to a single tablet, but Samsung is apparently planning to expand this to all Windows 10 devices soon.

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