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Save up to 24% on Samsung microSDXC Evo Select memory cards, starting at just $6

Although removable SD card storage is no longer as prevalent across the Android ecosystem as it once was, most OEMs still support it. Quite a few Chromebooks on the market today also lean on expandable storage, not to mention many other products like digital cameras, select game consoles, and some Windows laptops. If you're in the market for extra removable storage, you should check out these Samsung microSDXC Evo Select memory cards for up to 24% off on Amazon.

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Samsung EVO Select 256GB microSD card with U3 rating drops to $40, 128GB to $20

Samsung is one of the best and most-respected names in the storage biz. It's probably among the most friendly companies to storage addicts; the Galaxy S10, for instance, is offered with 1TB of storage and a microSD slot. The company's U3-rated EVO Select 256GB microSD card is currently just $40, with the 128GB version available for $20.

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[Deal Alert] 256GB Samsung EVO Select U3 microSD card down to $90, 128GB and 64GB also discounted

Yesterday was Prime Day, and there were a ton of deals on basically any tech product that you could think of (including microSD cards). But if you were looking for something with quicker transfer speeds, Samsung's line of EVO Select cards is being discounted right now, with the star of the show being a 256GB unit for $89.99.

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Samsung's EVO Select microSD cards are crazy fast and crazy cheap

Back when I used a Surface Pro 2 as my primary computer, I was quickly running out of space and needed more room. A 128GB microSD card set me back well over $100, and just a few short years later, the same capacity with faster read/write speeds is less than half the price.

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