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Samsung extends warranty on all of its consumer products through May 31 in India

Like many other countries, all of India is currently under lockdown. There are only a few exceptions from this rule, and going to a Samsung shop to get your device fixed is not among the legit reasons to leave your home —in fact, all Samsung stores are currently closed. The Korean company recognizes this situation and offers extended service for devices that would've seen the end of their warranty during the lockdown period. It's also possible to pick up a pre-booked Galaxy S20 at a later time.

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Samsung introduces Exynos 7 9610 AP, elevates mid-range phones with premium image processing and video capture

Samsung Electronics announced a new application processor (AP), the Exynos 7 9610. Manufactured on Samsung's 10nm FinFET process, it offers premium features to mid-tier smartphones, boasting deep learning-based image processing and slow-motion video capture capabilities.

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Report: Samsung Will Slash 10% Of Support Workforce At Korean HQ, Decrease General Expenses By 50%

A report out of The Korea Economic Daily this morning is claiming that Samsung will be slashing 10% of the support workforce at the company's HQ in Seoul. Job cuts are quite a hot trend in the smartphone world right now, with this news coming in on the heels of various cuts at Qualcomm, Sony, HTC, Lenovo, and Motorola.

According to the report, the 10% being made redundant are "support staff" in back-office roles like finance, personnel, and public relations.

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Samsung Electronics Announces A 128GB eMMC Flash Storage Module For Mid-Range Phones And Tablets

While the headline might seem familiar with the same keywords of Samsung producing 128GB flash storage modules, this story is different from the previous one. Last month, Samsung announced a 128GB storage based on the new and anticipated UFS 2.0 standard and targeted for flagship high-end devices — it made its debut in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. This new module, however, is based on the established eMMC standard and it will appear in mass market mid-range devices.


If you missed the previous explanation about the difference between eMMC and UFS, you should know that eMMC is the de-facto standard for storage on smartphones right now.

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Samsung Electronics Starts Production Of 8 Gigabit LPDDR4 Mobile RAM Chips, Coming Soon To A Galaxy Near You

The mobile hardware arms race is about to get a new super-weapon. According to a blog post on Samsung Tomorrow, the company's electronics division has begun production of the world's first run of 8Gb (that's gigabit, not gigabyte) memory modules designed for mobile devices. The 8Gb LPDDR4 chips are roughly twice as dense as the previous generation of mobile memory. The first OEM product offered using the new design will be a 4 gigabyte RAM module.


Samsung makes sure to note the 20-nanometer microarchitecture of the new chips, which allows for both faster processing and less power consumption. The quoted speed for the RAM is an astonishing 3.2 gigabits per second, considerably faster than most DDR3 memory modules available for full-sized desktops.

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