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Save $100 on a Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 from Amazon or Best Buy

Chromebooks are quite plentiful these days, giving consumers a wide variety of choices for an affordable laptop. If you're looking to save some money on one of the mid-rangers, today is your lucky day. Right now, you can save $100 on a Samsung Chromebook Plus.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung Chromebook Plus is $200 ($300 off) at Office Depot, but only in-store

The original Samsung Chromebook Plus is still a very good laptop, and in many ways, better than the Plus V2 that replaced it. It's powerful enough for most Chrome OS workflows, works well with Android apps, and has a great 2400x1600 12.3-inch screen. Now you can get it for the insanely-low price of $199.93, but only if there's an Office Depot store around you.

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Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 now available at Best Buy for $499.99

A couple of weeks ago, Samsung announced a second version of its Chromebook Plus with some improvements but also some drawbacks. Now you can buy this Chromebook Plus v2 from Best Buy if you're interested, for $499.99.

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Linux app support arrives on the Samsung Chromebook Plus

Google officially announced Linux app support on Chrome OS at I/O 2018, but until now, the only supported model has been the Pixelbook. The Linux VM requires a kernel version that many Chromebooks don't have, but with Google backporting the required functionality to earlier kernels, we can only speculate which models will actually be supported.

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[Update: Knocked down to $378] Deal Alert: Grab the Samsung Chromebook Plus from Amazon for $395 ($55 off)

It may be summertime, but the upcoming semester is closing in faster than some of us would like. That means it's coming time for college kids or grad students to be looking at getting a new laptop (or upgrading their current one) — that also means that we can expect to see some deals in the next month or so on computers. Starting the party early is Amazon, which has the Samsung Chromebook Plus for $394.36, which is a total savings of $55.63.

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Google updates list of Chrome OS devices that have or will receive Android apps

One of the killer features of Chromebooks is the ability to run Android applications from the Play Store. But it has been difficult to tell exactly when each model would get the feature, until now. Google has updated its list of Chrome OS devices to clarify the status of the Play Store for each product.

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Best of CES 2017: The best things we saw at CES this year

This year's CES has a couple more days yet to go, but the announcements for the show have settled out, and we probably won't be seeing any more big news from the world's largest technology conference. As such, we're about to head out ourselves from Las Vegas, and we're leaving you with some of our favorite technology announced this year. Without further ado, these are Android Police's picks for the Best of CES in 2017. (Presented in no particular order.)

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Samsung announces Chromebook Plus and Pro, both with 360° hinges and stylus pens

CES 2017 is in full swing, with laptops, cars, drones, fridges, connected toothbrushes, and other items being exhibited and announced. In lieu of this, Samsung's joining the party, having just announced its new Chromebook lineup via a press release, with the Plus and Pro looking hugely impressive.

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