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Samsung's Bixby 'Marketplace' is finally out, but it's a barren wasteland

Today, Samsung has revealed its new Bixby Marketplace, which aims to provide "Capsules," akin to Alexa Skills, that better expand the functionality of the company's frequently lambasted voice assistant. Unfortunately for Samsung, this brave new marketplace is launching in a nearly empty state, with only a few new installable third-party Capsules at the time of writing. Most of the Capsules in the market from big names are actually old, and appear to be a repackaging of previous Bixby integrations.

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Bixby now recognizes British English, German, Italian, and Spanish


Samsung reveals Galaxy Home, a Bixby-powered smart speaker, availability TBD

Samsung's Note9-revealing Unpacked event just wrapped up, and the company had a few surprises outside the expected big-screen phone. Among them was the Bixby Home, Samsung's first entry into the smart speaker market. Built around Samsung's in-house personal assistant, It's packed with six individual drivers for omnidirectional sound, plus a subwoofer. This time it isn't an April Fools' Day joke, either.

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Fail: Bixby won't launch with voice controls on the Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has plenty of great features - the edge-to-edge "Infinity" display, top-end specs, configurable software navigation buttons, and more. Samsung's Bixby voice assistant has been a bit controversial, as most of its functionality is already available in Google Assistant and the Google Now feed. Now it looks like a major component of Bixby won't even be ready before the phone's release in the United States.

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Samsung Pay Mini online payment system and 'Bixby' voice assistant mentioned on beta site

New rule for 2017: every payment system must work everywhere, or at least be offered for every possible merchant. That seems to be the direction that Samsung would like to take, as a new Korean language site for the company has mentioned a different version of its digital payment system, dubbed "Samsung Pay Mini." This payment system would work with any cooperating online merchant, opening up Samsung Pay beyond standard brick-and-mortar transactions, and giving Samsung a lucrative slice of those transaction fees.

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