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Samsung Cloud Together lets you manage and password protect your photos on Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and local storage

Samsung is slowly rolling out a new app meant to centralize your photo management. For those using storage with multiple cloud services, Samsung Cloud Together might be a good option for dealing with the mess. And even if you have a well-organized setup, the app also includes a security feature that allows you to password protect selected photos.

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First Official Galaxy S5 Firmware Hits The Web, Now Up For Download

The Galaxy S5 is on its way. AT&T, US Cellular, and T-Mobile all have pre-orders available, so people can call dibs without waiting for the device's April 11th launch date to arrive. Now as Samsung prepares the phone for its simultaneous launch in over one hundred countries, the first official firmware has made its way online. This one is for the Chinese variant of the SM-G9009D, and it's available for download over at SamMobile. We can expect the firmware for other countries to also start appearing in the days ahead.

With this code in hand, some users may be able to extract apps, images, sounds, and other files.

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Several Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 Apps Have Leaked Onto The Web, And They're Available For Download

The Galaxy S5 is coming to store shelves in April, and it's bringing with it a new version of TouchWiz along with a full suite of Samsung apps. These aren't typically the pieces of software Android enthusiasts foam at the mouth to get, but with all the bajillions of devices Samsung pushes each year, we know there are many of you who get a kick out of some of them. So here's the thing, several of Samsung's apps have already leaked onto the web, namely the Gear Fit Manager, the Galaxy Gear Manager, S Health, S Note, S Translator, the calculator, and WatchON.

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Samsung Apps Gets A User Interface Refresh Before The Unpacked Event

We're 99% certain that Samsung's Galaxy S5 will be revealed in Barcelona on Monday. And with every new iteration of the company's flagship, Samsung has also either updated or remade their company user interface, shifting elements and aesthetics to match the new hardware. If you're a regular user of the proprietary Samsung Apps (or if you just see it in your app tray and ignore it like everyone else), you might be mildly interested to know that the app portal has been updated.

wm_Screenshot_2014-02-21-16-38-06 wm_Screenshot_2014-02-21-16-38-11 wm_Screenshot_2014-02-21-16-39-06

The new version of Samsung's app portal features visuals that are flatter and more angular than the older edition, neatly mixing Holo style and the UI seen on the new TabPRO and NotePRO tablets.

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Samsung 'Life Times' Life Logging App Leaked, Expected To Debut On Future Smartphones

Ready for yet another Samsung-exclusive app to dot the screen of the latest Galaxy device? Ready or not, it looks like Samsung's supply of custom software isn't running out any time soon. SamMobile got their hands on a leaked APK for "Samsung Life Times," a new app that will presumably debut with a future smartphone.

SamMobile-Samsung-Life-Times-2 SamMobile-Samsung-Life-Times-3 SamMobile-Samsung-Life-Times-4

The app is a sort of life logger, collecting data from various apps and presenting them in a personal digital history. Most of the relevant Galaxy-centric apps can be incorporated, including Samsung's camera, email, memo, SMS, phone, music, and health apps, and connections can be made to social accounts at Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and the like.

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Samsung Launches Smart App Challenge 2013 For The Galaxy S4 And Chord SDK: $800,000 In Total Prizes, $200,000 For First Place

Well hi-diddly ho there, aspiring app developer! Has the life of a recent CompSci grad got you down? Does the world of independent mobile app programming leave something to be desired in the area of, say, ostentatious sports cars and penthouse apartments? Samsung would like to help you out with their Smart App Challenge 2013. A cool $800,000 has been reserved for the makers of ten winning apps, with 200,000 American greenbacks going to the top entrant. But don't start up your IDE just yet.


In order to qualify for any of the prizes, the apps will need to take advantage of the Chord SDK, Samsung's multi-device connection and syncing system built on the ZeroMQ library.

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