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Samsung's Upcoming Gear VR Controller Revealed In Leaked Render

Samsung's Gear VR is one of the first available headsets for use with phones, and judging by the various reviews posted around the web, it's a good headset for use with Samsung devices. However, it's missing one thing which both competitors, the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have: a controller.

If leaked renders that SamMobile has obtained are legit, this might be about to change. The controller shown off in the renders looks pretty standard; an analog stick on the left and buttons on the right. It's covered in black resin, a material maybe similar to the resin found on the back of some smartphones.

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Samsung Sends Beta Marshmallow Update To UK Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Owners

At this point, anyone who shelled out the kind of cash it takes to buy a flagship Samsung phone on day one might be wondering when the TouchWiz their Android 6.0 update is coming. If you happen to live in the United Kingdom, the answer is "now," at least if you're willing to beta test some software for free. Samsung sent out tweets inviting UK customers to test the Marshmallow update on its 2015 flagships, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

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SamMobile Reports That The Galaxy Note 5 And Galaxy S6 Edge+ Will Be Announced August 12th, Released On The 21st

A rumor has been circulating that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 5 earlier than usual this year. Instead of debuting at IFA in Berlin sometime in September, it looks like the device will make its first appearance in mid-August. Well, now we have dates. SamMobile seems pretty confident that the Note 5 will get announced on August 12th before hitting store shelves on the 21st. And it won't be alone. The rumored Galaxy S6 Edge+ is apparently coming along for the ride.

Despite the differences in name, think of both devices as larger versions of the S6 and S6 Edge.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi Joins The Lollipop Party

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 has been a frequently mentioned device on Android Police the last couple of weeks. The Wi-Fi model was recently discounted for a short time with the Verizon and AT&T LTE models following shortly after. I imagine at least a few of our readers may have snatched one up while the price was hot. For you lucky new owners (and also those who previously purchased it) we have some good news – Lollipop is here.


The Lollipop update will bump the Tab S to Android version 5.0.2, which is admittedly not as desirable as a 5.1 build, but at least it's better than KitKat.

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SamMobile Shows Off An Early TouchWiz Lollipop Build Running On The Galaxy S4

We've been hearing from a lot of companies hyping up their plans for Android 5.0 updates - at least one of them seems ready to start issuing it soon. But what of Samsung, the undisputed king of Android sales figures and, not least, one of the more (ahem) robust suppliers of add-on software and interfaces? Apparently the company is working swiftly on a Lollipop update. The folks at SamMobile, as is their wont, have already managed to snag what looks like an early build of Android 5.0 for the Galaxy S4. Last month the same site had a similar hands-on with Android L running on the S5.

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SamMobile Reveals Credible-Looking Details About The Upcoming Galaxy S6, Dubbed Project Zero

We all know that Samsung is working on what will eventually be known as the Galaxy S6. This isn't news. If anything, it ranks right under a new iPhone coming out as something your average passerby expects to happen in 2015.

What's interesting is figuring out what that new device is going to look like. SamMobile has provided a set of expected specs that, while we can't verify them ourselves, we're inclined to trust. SamMobile has a good track record, and it stands to reason that it has reliable sources. Plus the site has listed numerous model numbers that look, without knowing for certain, believable to our eyes.

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Leaked Photos Show Off The Galaxy A5, A Supposedly Metal-Like Phone With Mid-Range Specs

The Galaxy A5 appears to be an awkward phone to get excited about. SamMobile has gotten its hands on exclusive photos of the device, the SM-A500, which should be the first in a new line of A-branded phones. What makes this particular handset interesting are its build materials. SamMobile's source says that Samsung has used a different material that isn't plastic or metal but still "feels cold in the hand."


To me, this sounds like Samsung has had so much success producing faux leather backs that it's ready to try its hand at fake other materials. The extreme temperatures of metal devices sounds like the last part of the device I want emulated, so hopefully this material turns out better than cold not-plasticy plastic.

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SamMobile Offers Exclusive Look At The Samsung Gear VR Setup Wizard And VR Manager App

VR headsets are all the rage of late, and Samsung is one of the players expected to throw its virtual reality-producing hat goggles into the ring. Earlier this month, SamMobile provided a shot of the upcoming Gear VR product and a small taste the companion smartphone app that will ship with it. Now the site is back with a more in-depth look at some of the software that will manage the device.

Launching the VR Gear setup wizard initiates the process of acquiring the necessary software to use the device. It currently consists of approving the End User License Agreement and downloading a few core apps (VR Panorama, VR Cinema, and the HMT Manager - an early version of the VR Manager).

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SamMobile Leaks Shots Of The Galaxy Alpha, A Phone Reportedly Made Partially Out Of Aluminum

Hold on to your butts, everyone. I'm about to drop some news that will blow your minds. Samsung has a new phone in the works, and there's one thing that will supposedly make this thing different from all of the others. SamMobile has leaked images of the upcoming Galaxy Alpha, a Galaxy S5 variant that will apparently be constructed at least in part out of aluminum.


As you can see in these screens, the phone won't look strikingly different regardless of what it's made of. The phone will still have the same faux leather backing present on several of the company's current devices.

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More Galaxy Tab S Images Leak Out In Their High-Res Glory Ahead Of Samsung's Upcoming Event, Show Off Some Features

Samsung is all set to unveil a new set of Galaxy Tab S AMOLED tablets at its Galaxy Premiere event on June 12th, but more images have already leaked ahead of the big Madison Square Gardens unveiling. These photos, which come to us courtesy of SamMobile, again show that the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 will look like a Galaxy S5 that's been flattened out to a larger size. The button placement, the shape of the camera, and the perforated texture on the back all look familiar.

TabS6 TabS3


The tablet will be both thin and light, coming in at 6mm and 465g.

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