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You can now sign up for Walmart's version of Amazon Prime

Walmart announced its new membership service Walmart+ earlier this month, and now, you can sign up for it. It's essentially Walmart's version of Amazon Prime: Members pay a yearly fee of $98 (or $12.95 per month) for unlimited free same-day deliveries, cashier-less checkouts, and fuel discounts.

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Amazon Is Ready To Uberize Your Package Delivery With Amazon Flex

Amazon is known for its fast delivery times and reliability. I know when I place an order from the site, if it doesn't get here in the promised two days, that's because it got here in one instead. This has brought the online retailer widespread adoption, even if that hasn't necessary translated into huge profits.

This has only encouraged Amazon to speed things up. We've heard talk of drones for a few years now. A more recent rumor has been that Amazon was planning on using everyday Americans to help with same-day delivery. You could call this the Uber approach.

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Report: Google Is Spending Half A Billion Dollars To Expand Shopping Express To Cities Across The Country

Some of you have probably been coveting Google Shopping Express, the service which delivers groceries and other items from local retailers directly to your door on the same day, ever since it launched. But with an extremely limited rollout in only certain areas of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City, it's not exactly widespread. A report in ReCode says that Google plans to spend a huge sum of money, as much as $500 million, to give the shopping service a true nationwide rollout, covering major urban areas from coast to coast.

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Depending on where and when a more sizeable Google Shopping Express service rolled out, it could directly challenge Amazon Prime Fresh, Amazon's same-day delivery service, which is currently only available in some California cities.

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Google Shopping Express Now Delivers Devices From The Play Store, Except It Currently Only Offers Three To Choose From

Update: Things have changed, and Google Shopping Express is now delivering seven items. The Nexus 10 has jumped up to 32GB, and it's joined by four cases for the Nexus 7.


Google Shopping Express is a same-day delivery service that's only available in the area from San Francisco to San Jose. Do you feel that, Americans? That sensation is what our international readers experience nearly every time we mention a new Google service. Let it sink in.


As for those of you who do live in San Francisco, Google will now deliver products directly from the Play Store. However, the selection's pretty scarce for the time being.

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Verizon Now Offering Same-Day Delivery In NYC, Dallas, Pittsburgh, And San Francisco

Sometimes you just need to get a new phone, and you want it right now. But you don't want to leave the comfort of your house. There really aren't many good options to fix this age-old quandary, but Verizon is looking to provide a solution in a handful of cities.

A couple of weeks ago, Big Red decided to use Philadelphia as a testing ground for same-day delivery. Today, it's adding New York City, Dallas, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco to that list. Here's how it works.

If you live in one of the above-listed cities and need to replace your phone/get a new one, simply place your order before 10:00 AM local time and select same-day service (Monday thru Friday only).

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[New App] Google Shopping Express App Gives San Francisco Residents Mobile Access To Google's Trial Same-Day Shopping Service

An Android app for Google Shopping Express has landed in the Play Store, and while it's available for anyone to download, it still only works in the San Francisco Bay area. I know, that blows, but if you live in the region and take part in Google's trial same-day shopping program, this new app gives you a quicker means to make purchases when your computer isn't within reach. Google has also extended access out to San Jose, so if you're a newly eligible resident who hasn't already signed up for the service, now may be a good time to do so.

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