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Sam Ruston's Weather Timeline has a new developer listed on the Play Store

Pulled from the Play Store two months ago, Sam Ruston's much-loved indie weather app Weather Timeline has reappeared, sort of - with a different developer listed as the publisher (the listing still isn't visible if you never installed the app, so you can't get it if you never had it).

The new publisher, ACME AtronOmatic, is the developer behind two other apps on the Play Store - one a basic weather radar viewer (the free version has 4.4 stars with over 10 million downloads), the other an obscure flight tracking app. ACME processes its own weather radar data, which would make it significantly more capable of absorbing the costs of running a weather data aggregator, costs that eventually led Ruston to remove his app from the store.

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Weather Timeline dev pulls award-winning forecast app from Play Store

Weather Timeline, the award-winning, material design-toting weather forecast app by Sam Ruston, has just been unpublished on the Play Store. Those that already bought the app will continue to have access to it, but new customers are out of luck.

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Sam Ruston's new app Hurry is a beautiful countdown timer for events

Fans of Android developer Sam Ruston's applications, such as myself, will be excited to hear that he has just released one more. The app, called Hurry, is a countdown timer that uses notifications and widgets to help you keep track of upcoming events. It is a simple concept but executed with the developer's usual insane attention to detail, especially in relation to material design and animations. 

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