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PUBG Mobile for Android soft launches in Canada, even though everyone has moved on to Fortnite

Rumblings of a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds release on Android for Western markets started late last year, when two different versions of the game were announced for China: one made by TIMI Studio Group, the other by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio. The latter version has made its way across the globe during the last three months, as PUBG Mobile is now live on the Play Store. But, this is a soft launch, so it's Canada-only (for now).

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$15 SALT Card Promising 'Keyless Entry For Your Phone' Reaches $50k Kickstarter Funding Goal

Re-entering PINs or patterns to unlock a smartphone several hundred times a day is a mind-numbing process, so it comes as no surprise that a couple thousand people have rallied behind a way to prevent them from having to do so. SALT is a Bluetooth-connected card that goes into your wallet and, as long as it's in range, saves you from having to interact with a lockscreen. Once it's not in reach, the lockscreen returns. The project wanted $50,000 to bring this product to life, and it's reached that goal with ten days to spare.


The concept behind SALT isn't revolutionary.

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