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[Deal Alert] HP Chromebook 14 (refurb) on sale for $175 via DailySteals with coupon code

Chromebooks used to be good computers for a small subset of people who didn't need much power. Now, Chrome OS is a surprisingly capable platform that can handle the needs of most mainstream users. New Chromebooks can be quite inexpensive, and that's doubly true if you want to pick up a refurbished model. Today, you can get a refurbished HP Chromebook 14 for just $175 with our exclusive coupon code.

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[Deal Alert] Get a Nest Hello doorbell and Google Home Mini for $199 ($79 off)

Google's Nest family or products have particularly tight integration with Assistant. For instance, the Nest Hello doorbell can announce visitors if you've got a Google Home on the same network. Now, you can get both components of that setup (at a discount) in a single purchase from B&H.

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[Deal Alert] Lenovo Mirage Solo drops to $320-330 ($70-80 off), Mirage Camera down to $250 ($50 off)

Lenovo was the first company to release a standalone Daydream headset, and we haven't heard much about the Mirage Solo (or the Mirage Camera) since it launched earlier this year. It looks like there's some excess stock floating around because prices are coming down today. You can get the headset for $70-80 off and the camera for $50 off.

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[Deal Alert] Get a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Gear IconX earbuds, and a wireless fast-charger for $930 (today only)

The Galaxy Note 9 was an expensive phone at launch, and it's still pretty spendy a month later. However, there are some deals to be had, and today's sale is a good one. You can get an unlocked Note 9 from Amazon with some nice accessories for just $929.99. Don't drag your feet, though. This deal is good today only.

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[Deal Alert] Arlo Pro 2 bundle $750 at Costco ($100 off)

When it comes to wireless security systems, the Arlo Pro 2 is about as good as they come. These motion-activated cameras can operate on battery power and transmit audio and video via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Back in July, we praised the battery life of the cams and loved the flexibility of the battery-powered setup. If you're interested in purchasing them, Costco has a five-unit bundle available for $750, which is $100 off the retail price. The last time we saw a deal on Arlo devices was back in July, and they didn't include the battery charger (a $50 value).

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[Deal Alert] SanDisk microSD cards drop to $35 (200GB), $52 (256GB), and $100 (400GB) on Amazon

We just posted recently about the solid downward trend in microSD card pricing on Amazon, and now there's been another big drop. Amazon is having a one-day sale on the three largest capacity SanDisk cards. The 400GB, 256GB, and 200GB cards are all at historically low prices right now.

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[Deal Alert] LG G6+ down to $400 on Amazon ($100 off)

The LG G6 might not be the latest and greatest anymore, but the upgraded G6+ on Amazon is a reasonably good deal right now. Amazon just shaved $100 off the price of this device, leaving it at a mere $399.99. There's not a ton of competition in that price range, so the G6+ might be a good purchase.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Fire 7 tablet on sale for $35 if you act fast (Prime members only)

Amazon's Fire 7 tablet is usually quite inexpensive at $50, but now it's almost impossibly cheap for Prime members. If you act fast, you can get the entry-level tablet (with special offers) for a mere $35. This deal has been live for a few days, so it could go away at any time. Don't wait too long to decide.

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[Deal Alert] 4K Fire TV on sale for $40 ($30 off) for Prime members

You can swing by Amazon's website any old day and purchase a Fire TV Stick for $40, but that's just the 1080p version. The 4K-compatible Fire usually costs $70. That's not the case today. Amazon Prime subscribers can get $30 off the 4K Fire TV right now.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (128GB) on sale for $685.99 via eBay

So, the Galaxy Note 9 is official, and it's going to be very expensive. If you want a phone with a stylus and paying $1,000 for it isn't an option, there's always the Galaxy Note 8. that phone is on sale today for $685.99 on eBay. This is an unlocked device with 128GB of storage, not 64GB like the US carrier models.

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