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Friday App And Game Sales: Yesterday, Flowpaper, Mighty Dungeons, And More [Updated]

The weekend is upon us again, and that means it's time to unwind and forget your troubles. You can pick up some apps and games to help with that process if you like, and we even have some deals for you.


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Wednesday App And Game Sales: TripIt, Plasma Sky, Fast Burst Camera, And More [Updated]

It's the middle of the week, and the days are starting to get longer. If only there was something to cheer you up. How about some reckless spending?! Don't worry, though. We've been keeping an eye out for your pocketbook. So let's check out some apps and games you can get on sale.


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Monday App And Game Sales: World Of Goo, Abalone Premium, SparkPeople, Blacklist+ PRO, And More [Updated]

Monday can be a drag, right? A whole new work week laid out before you with very little in the way of fun. Well, at least you can get a good deal on some apps. Here are some bargains to get your week started right.


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Thursday App Deals: Final Fantasy III (Kindle Edition), Cerberus, JuiceSSH, Serious Sam Kamikaze Attack, And ABBYY Text Grabber

Welcome, frugal readers, to another edition of  Saving Money with Android Police, a sometimes daily series where we deliver the latest and best deals to hit the Play Store. Today's episode brings a few big names to the table, along with some incredibly utilitarian applications and a couple of good games for killing time. Without further ado, here's the skinny.


There, now you can buy yourself a plaque with all that money you saved

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Sunday App, Game Sales: House Of Hell, PAC-MAN Championship Edition, G Cloud Apps Backup, And More

If, over the weekend, you've become apathetic toward your apps, or have found your catalog of games to be less than grand, don't worry – we've dug up a few app and game sales that will spice up your library just in time for the start of the new week.




If none of these apps or game strike your fancy, don't worry.

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Thursday App/Game Sales: Draw A Stickman, Clone Camera, Magicka, Crazy Machines, Call Notes Pro, And Rebuild [Update]

One more day, gentle readers - one more day until you can toss away the shackles of oppressive shift labor to fall into the sweet, silky lull of the weekend, and bask in glorious leisurely respite. Until then, here are some cheap apps.


Update: It looks like the sale on Clone Camera has ended.

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[Memorial Day Weekend App, Game Sales] Yesterday, Next Launcher 3D, Dropsync Pro, And More [Updated]

Got plans for Memorial Day? If you're in the US, you're probably right in the middle of a long weekend. If you're looking for something to keep occupied, you're in luck – there are tons of apps and games on sale for the weekend. From utility-minded apps like Dropsync Pro to lighthearted time wasters like Cut the Rope Experiments, the Play Store's got some deals you should check out. We'll be keeping the list updated as we find more.

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[I/O 2013] Google Gives Developers A 'Better Distribution Experience' In Revised Play Store Console Coming 'This Summer'

Between Hangouts, the gorgeous new Maps, Play Music All Access, and everything else discussed in I/O's opening keynote this morning, several revisions to the Play Store developer's console were announced.

Perhaps the most interesting addition to the console will be an organized method for alpha and beta testing, and staged rollouts.  Basically, developers can select alpha and beta testers, receiving all feedback directly (instead of through reviews) and, when the time comes, roll out the app to certain percentages of the user base.

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[Tuesday App/Game Sales] Shiny The Firefly, Tapatalk, SoundHound Infinity, Contre Jour, Beautiful Widgets Pro, And The Sandbox

Google I/O is almost here, so surely you've got Google on the brain. Why not take your mind off things with some neat new apps and games? Oh, but the cost! At least there are some cool sales going on to reduce the impact on your wallet. The selection is solid today, ranging from classic utilities to polished games. These deals aren't just in Google Play – Amazon's Appstore is makes a few appearances this time, as well.

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Weekend App/Game Sales: Flashout 3D, Dropsync Pro, Dextr, Many Tin Man Gamebooks, And More

Lover Boy once told us that "everybody's workin' for the weekend" and that "everybody wants a new romance." If you're glad that your two-days-off are well underway and happen to be looking a new app or game to spend an intimate evening with, we just happen to stumble across a few sales that may hit the spot. Have a looksee.


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