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[Deal Alert] Get $30-50 off Nest cameras on the Google Store

Nest makes some truly excellent security cameras, but they're not cheap. Today, they're at least a little cheaper on the Google Store. The Nest Cam IQ, IQ Outdoor, Cam Outdoor, and indoor camera are all on sale for the next ten days.

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[Deal Alert] Get $300 off the Note 8 or Galaxy S9/S9+ at Best Buy when you set up an installment plan

Samsung's latest smartphones are quite nice, but they're also painfully expensive. Even when you split up the payments monthly, a $1,000 phone can put a dent in your bank account. Best Buy has a tempting deal today that'll knock $300 off the total cost of the Note 8, Galaxy S9, or Galaxy S9+ as long as you activate it on an installment plan.

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OnePlus 6 sales open today — here's how to get $20 off accessories with purchase

The latest iteration for OnePlus' line of phones is a polarizing piece of hardware. You might like or hate the industrial design, which includes one of those "notches," but the specs and pricing for the OnePlus 6 aren't to be ignored—it even has a headphone jack, which is one up over the Pixel 2. And now you can actually buy one, as sales for the phone have opened starting today.

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[Deal Alert] Refurb first-gen Pixels available starting at $200 (5") and $210 (5.5") on Woot

The first generation Pixel phone is yesterday's news, but it's still one of the few phones assured of getting a quick update to Android P. The camera is also still one of the best available. Google doesn't sell the phone anymore, but Woot is offering it for an all-time low price. You can have a Pixel for as little as $200.

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Nokia placed fifth in European smartphone shipments in Q1 2018

Nokia-branded devices accounted for 3.5 percent of European smartphone shipments in the first quarter of 2018, according to industry analysis firm Canalys. That puts Nokia in fifth place with 1.6 million devices shipped. This is despite an overall decline of 6.3 percent in smartphone shipments during the same period.

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[Deal Alert] JVC Android Auto head unit (KW-M730BT) hits all-time low price of $280 ($400 MSRP)

Getting Android Auto in a vehicle that doesn't already have it can be a pricey proposition. Some head units can cost upward of $1,000, and then you have to pay to get them installed. There's a good deal today, though. You can get the JVC KW-M730BT for just $280. That's the lowest price we've seen so far.

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[Deal Alert] SanDisk 200GB microSD card drops to $55.99 on Amazon

So you need some more storage in your phone? Well, you're in luck as long as you've got a microSD card slot. The 200GB SanDisk card is on sale today for a mere $56. That's the cheapest we've seen it since the last Black Friday sale.

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[Deal Alert] Nest Cam IQ on sale at Woot for $199.99 ($100 off) or $339.99 for a 2-pack ($160 off)

Nest launched the Cam IQ last year as its first device with facial recognition, and over time, it's gotten more features like Google Assistant integration. It's a great camera, but the $300 asking price is steep. You can, however, get a solid discount today on Woot. You can save $100 or more, and the camera isn't even a refurb.

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[Deal Alert] Get the Razer Phone for $599.99 ($100 off) with coupon code

Razer's first smartphone came out last year, and no surprise, it was marketed as a "gaming" phone. I don't know how you have a gaming phone without RGB LEDs, but I digress. If you've been on the fence about the Razer Phone, now may be the time to pick it up thanks to the new $100 discount. That drops the price to $599.99.

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[Deal Alert] 49-inch Sony Android TV on sale for $798 ($150 off)

It used to cost an arm and a leg (and several other body parts) to get a 4K TV, but prices have come down as they tend to do. In some cases, they're a lot lower. It just so happens that Android TV has found its way into some TVs as well. You can pick up the Sony 49-inch Android TV for $798 right now. That's $150 less than usual.

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