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eBay announces summer sales on more than 100 items for $119 each

You probably heard that Amazon's Prime Day is starting soon. Well, eBay heard that, too. It's launching a sale event of its own starting today. Over the coming days/weeks, more than 100 items will pop up on eBay for $119 with free shipping.

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[Update: Reached usage limit] Deal Alert: Get 25% off (up to $100 discount) on a Google Express order

Google has tried all sorts of things to get us using Google Express, but moving the Assistant shopping list isn't going to do it. Steep discounts like the one rolling out today are a safer bet. You can get 25% off a Google Express order today with a promo code.

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[Deal Alert] GGMM D6 20W speaker dock for Echo Dot on sale for $41.85 ($15 off) via Amazon today only

Smart speakers come in all shapes and sizes, but the smallest ones are basically in impulse purchase territory now. the problem: the speaker performance isn't great in devices like the Echo Dot. Today's Amazon Goldbox deal includes a neat speaker dock for the dot that adds a lot more power.

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HTC's sales plummeted 68% last month, despite U12+ launch

HTC hasn't launched a hit smartphone in some time. Last month it released the HTC U12+, which received mostly negative reviews. The company announced a few days ago it was cutting 1,500 jobs in Taiwan to "optimize the manufacturing organizations," and now there's even more bad news.

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[Deal Alert] New first-gen Pixel on sale for $330 (32GB) and $400 (128GB) [Update: Price bump]

The 2016 Pixel was a great little phone, and it's still a solid device in the middle of 2018. The camera is one of the best you can get, the screen is decent, and it has a headphone jack. The problem is finding a good deal on it. B&H has this phone on sale currently, and while the price is a bit higher than some other deals, these are not refurbs.

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[Deal Alert] The high-end Pixelbook (Core i7, 512GB) is on sale for $1,499 ($150 off)

Google's Pixelbook is a far cry from those cheap Chromebooks you can pick up on impulse. It can be hard to justify the base model Pixelbook, let alone the $1,649 premium model. That version of the device is a bit cheaper today, though. If you were already looking at the Pixelbook, maybe this will convince you to step up to the best version.

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56 temporarily free and 75 on-sale apps and games to start July

Welcome to July! It would seem that a fair amount of the U.S. is suffering under the sweltering heat of summer, so find a cool place to take a break and look through this long list of app sales. With the U.S. Independence Day a couple of days off, you can expect a lot of deals. Included in today's are several Nvidia Shield TV games, so be looking for those in bold. Several other things are worth noting, too.

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[Deal Alert] Aukey 46W USB-C charger on sale for $28 (normally $35) today only

You can never have too many chargers around, and the Aukey 46W Type-C brick should meet most if not all of your needs. It can juice up laptops like the Pixelbook and MacBook as well as phones like the Pixel. It's on sale right now for $27.99, but this is an Amazon Lightning Deal—it's going fast.

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Supreme Court closes online sales tax loophole

The Supreme Court just handed down a decision in South Dakota v Wayfair, Inc. that states can force online retailers to collect sales taxes from purchases. This overturns a decision from 1992 that mandated that states could levy taxes on businesses only if they had a brick-and-mortar presence within that state's borders.

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[Deal Alert] Dual-SIM Galaxy S9 (128GB version) on sale for $640 via eBay

Prices on the Galaxy S9 are starting to come down, even if you're going through carriers. However, the carriers won't sell you an unlocked dual-SIM version of the phone. On eBay, you can pick up the dual-SIM GS9 with 128GB of storage for just $639.99. You can also get it in any color you want, as long as that color happens to be black.

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