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eBay now charges sales tax in 13 additional states, even more coming in October

Even though eBay hasn't had a site-wide coupon in months, it's still a great place for finding new and used electronics, and we regularly post about its sales. However, you might want to double-check the purchase amount the next time you buy something, as eBay now charges sales tax in 13 more U.S states.

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B&H introduces the Payboo credit card to refund the sales tax it never wanted to collect in the first place

B&H has always been near the top of our recommendations for deals because, previously, the retailer never charged sales tax outside of New York and New Jersey, thus making items cheaper than other places. But not too long ago, B&H was forced to cave and start charging tax due to a Supreme Court ruling addressing this issue. However, it's fired back with the oddly-named Payboo, a credit card that refunds you for any sales tax you pay on B&H.

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B&H will begin charging sales tax in California starting April 1

Taxes are one of life's indelible elements, that and death. But the internet brought with it a means by which most of us online consumers could skirt states sales tax and B&H has long been a favorite online retailer because, other than New York and New Jersey, it didn't charge sales tax.

We saw the end of that era begin in December with the company collecting taxes from 22 states (including NY and NJ), but now California will no longer be exempt starting April 1.

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B&H Photo now charges sales tax in 22 US states

B&H Photo isn't just a store for cameras and studio equipment — it also sells phones, tablets, TVs, computers, smartwatches, and more. We've posted countless deals from B&H over the years, but if you're going to buy products from them in the future, be warned that the retailer is now charging sales tax in 22 states.

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Supreme Court closes online sales tax loophole

The Supreme Court just handed down a decision in South Dakota v Wayfair, Inc. that states can force online retailers to collect sales taxes from purchases. This overturns a decision from 1992 that mandated that states could levy taxes on businesses only if they had a brick-and-mortar presence within that state's borders.

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