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Square Enix's Romancing SaGa 2 Released On Android With English Translation

Square Enix, the maker of the famed 'Final Fantasy' series, has a few games that are only available in Japan. Romancing SaGa 2, the fifth game in the 'SaGa' series, was one such game. That ends today, though: Romancing SaGa 2 is now available on Android for $17.99.

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ARO Introduces Saga, 'Automatic Lifelogging' So You Remember Where You've Been, Discover Where You're Going

Checking in, Instagramming, Tweeting, and updating statuses are something most of us do on a regular basis. It's a way for us to share with our friends and family what's going on in our lives; where we're at physically, mentally, and/or emotionally; and an overall fun way to interact and kill time. We, as people, are more socially connected than we've ever been thanks to modern technology.

But there's a missed mark here. An introspective journey. Everyone else knows where we've been, what we're doing, even what we had for lunch. But do we remember, or is sharing just second nature?

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[Updated: Windows Download Is Back] New AlphaRevX Beta 2 (Full Unlock, S-OFF, Root, Recovery) Now Supports Droid Incredible 2, Desire S

The geniuses behind the AlphaRevX unlocker, which a few weeks ago made rooting, recovery, and custom ROMs possible on the Droid Incredible S, Desire (CDMA and GSM), Wildfire, and Aria just released an updated beta v2, with support for Droid Incredible 2 (aka vivow, the Verizon CDMA version) and Desire S (aka saga).

Incredible 2 owners, it's the day you've been waiting for, which now makes these possible: Exclusive Download + Video: Root-Friendly Flashable Gingerbread Update For HTC Droid Incredible 2 [Leak], [Video] DROID Incredible 2 Bootloader Unlocked [S-OFF] By AlphaRev Team - no more teasing!

Update 7/10/11: The Windows version of AlphaRevX, which was pulled for some bug fixing, is now once again available for download.

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