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[Update: It's back] Google pulls March security update for Nexus 6, after it breaks SafetyNet and Android Pay

The Nexus 6 just recently reached the end of mainstream software support from Google, but it is still receiving monthly security updates. The latest OTA, which included the March security fixes, seems to have broken SafetyNet - which in turn, disabled Android Pay.

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SafetyNet API fails on some Android phones with unlocked bootloaders, Android Pay affected

The SafetyNet API is the bane of root and custom ROM users everywhere. For those unfamiliar, it is part of the Google Play Services API that is designed to detect modified devices. If your system is tampered with in any way, be it rooted or a custom ROM, the SafetyNet check will fail. Android Pay, among other applications, uses this API and will fail to run if SafetyNet fails.

Reports are coming in from Reddit and our own tip box that SafetyNet appears to fail on some bootloader-unlocked devices, even if the device has not been modified in any other way. Devices confirmed to have issues include the Nexus 6P, OnePlus 3, and Nexus 6.

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Chainfire releases 'suhide', an experimental (and not officially supported) way to hide your root status on an app-by-app basis

Hiding your root status from apps that refuse to work when you are rooted—like Android Pay—is a cat and mouse game that enthusiasts have been losing lately. Chainfire, the developer who has become the main source of advances in rooting, announced today a new way to work around Android apps' ability to detect the root status of a device. The app, called suhide, works but comes with a number of caveats.

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