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Google is rolling out stolen password protection in Chrome 79

Google first introduced a Password Checkup Chrome extension this February to help you check if your login information had been breached, which it integrated with the password manager inside your Google Account in October. After testing this feature natively in the beta of its browser, the company is now rolling it out with the new stable version of Chrome 79. While it's at it, Google is also enhancing some phishing protection mechanisms.

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Google's revamped Safety Center comes to Europe

Last month, Google redesigned its Safety Center and added further resources to help you stay safe online. It details important privacy controls and offers tons of tips for protecting you and your family as they surf the web. Google promised to roll it out in 65 languages in the coming weeks, and now it's arrived in six European countries.

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[Update: Google confirms] Android Auto now allows phones to be unlocked while connected

The Android Auto team has been known to put safety above all else. Most people agree that's the best strategy, but there have been some scenarios where users have pointed out that certain decisions may be over-reaching, or they might not account for common scenarios. One of the biggest points of contention since the launch of Android Auto has been a feature that effectively locks users out of their phones while connected to Android Auto. In the last couple of days, users are now being presented with the ability to swipe up and unlock their phones to use them normally.

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Samsung released a "Walk Mode" app, and it's terrible

Recently, Samsung's Indian R&D released a new app called Walk Mode. It's advertised as notifying you if there is a danger present as you go about your business using your phone while walking. Safety is quite a noble endeavor for Samsung to be pursuing, and I'd like to say that the company's efforts paid off, but I would be lying. 

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Google launches 'Be Internet Awesome' program to help kids be smart online

Some people use the anonymity afforded by the internet to be jerks. Meanwhile, other people share too much personal information or get taken in by fake news. Google is looking to help the next generation be better at using the internet than we are, and it's doing it with the "Be Internet Awesome" campaign. It's a program that includes resources for parents and educators, and some games for kids. Well, they're educational games, but that still counts.

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Instagram implements new tools and controls to keep users safe

Instagram is making some changes to improve the user experience on its service. Social media in general can bring about some great conversations, but there are always those who like to ruin good things. So, the Facebook-owned company is adding some new tools and controls to help users feel safer and to keep the platform a place for self-expression.

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Google Patents A System For Detecting Whether You're A Vehicle Driver Or Passenger With A Wearable Device

Electronics and cars are a tricky combination. While the advantages of systems like in-dash navigation and text-to-speech SMS reading are obvious, every extra gadget that travels with you while you're driving has the potential to be a dangerous distraction. Google may be looking to solve that problem, at least as it applies to wearable devices like Android Wear watches. A recent patent published by the USPTO indicates that Google has developed (or at least conceptualized) a system for detecting whether a wearable user is actively driving the vehicle or merely a passenger.

US patent number 9,037,125 was filed on April 7th of last year, credited to Mohammed Waleed Kadous and assigned to Google.

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Luxe Introduces Drive Home, Which Allows You To Get A Valet To Drive You Home In Your Own Car After A Night Out

Luxe is a service that allows you to summon a valet to park your car when time or energy is low, something that many people probably won't consider using due to either reluctance to paying for this sort of thing or because they don't live in an area where it just isn't very hard to park for yourself. The name itself screams, "This is a want, not a need" (also, luxury). The service is launching something new called Drive Home in which their valets will drive you up to 50 miles to your own home and in your own car, which is targeted to keeping drunk or otherwise compromised drivers off the road.

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[Deal Alert] Dual-USB Car Charger With Window-Shattering Glass Hammer And Hazard Lights $6 On Amazon After $4 Off Coupon

Cheap USB car chargers are a dime a dozen, even ones with enough ports to charge two devices at once. But this dual-USB (2.1A + 1A) charger from Elivebuy stands out, and it's not because this is the fastest charger of the bunch. It caught our attention because it just might save your life, and it will do it for six bucks if you go to Amazon and enter the coupon code Q626JPAD at checkout.

Screenshot 2015-06-23 at 5.02.02 PM 5MbawRz

The charger in question comes with a glass hammer that can be used to shatter windows during an emergency. It also comes with LED lights that can provide illumination in the darkness or serve as hazard warnings.

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