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[Deal Alert] Protect Your Android Devices, Keep Them Charged, And Save $140 When You Get A MyCube Safe From Touch Of Modern

We like to keep you aware of great deals as we come across them, and oftentimes, these consist of discounted devices and external battery backs. After all, everyone likes saving money on gadgets, and I challenge you to name one time you lamented having an extra form of backup power at the bottom of your bag.

But this deal is different. Here is a product many of us probably wouldn't use as intended even if it were dropped off at your front porch with an attached sticker reading "It's Free, Please Don't Return." It's called MyCube, a personal safe that keeps your electronics safe from theft and dying batteries at the same time.

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Secure Settings 1.3.5 Brings Android Lollipop Fixes, Wi-Fi Toggle, Xposed Pattern Lock, And More

Secure Settings is a complex Tasker/Locale plugin for rooted and non-rooted security conscious users alike. Version 1.3.5 of the app has gone stable, bringing with it a beefy changelog that should help the software play nicely with modern devices and give older handsets new perks as well.

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[MWC 2013] Samsung Unveils KNOX, A Secure Enterprise Solution For Workplaces With A BYOD Policy

The push for BYOD (bring your own device) policies in workplaces has been on the rise for the last couple of years, but many corporations have frowned upon Android devices due to "security issues" within the OS. Samsung is looking to change that mindset with its newly-announced KNOX solution.


Essentially, KNOX is a security-enhanced version of Android – based on the NSA-approved SE Linux – optimized for Samsung's SAFE (Samsung for Enterprise) program. It's built-in to both the hardware and Android's framework, so it's really a full-coverage solution. At the application layer, it works to separate personal and corporate data by containerizing and encrypting corporate applications and data, which protects against viruses and malware, as well as outside attacks.

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[Hands On] Norton Identity Safe Beta For Android Keeps Account Info Secure And Convenient, Provides An Enjoyable, Safe Browsing Experience

In an effort to keep all your passwords both safe and convenient, while also protecting your web surfing experience, Symantec has created Norton Identity Safe Beta, an app that allows users to store their login information on their computer and mobile device, while enjoying a safe browsing experience on both.

Many of you may be aware that there are several apps that perform this function already. SplashID Safe, Keeper Password & Data Vault, and others provide a very similar service, but Norton ID Safe brings a couple of key differences to the table.

First off, Norton's solution not only offers a Mac/PC element, but actually requires users to be running the service on their computer to use the mobile application.

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iOnRoad Takes (Most Of) The Thinking Out Of Safe Driving, Offers Augmented Reality Using Your Android's Camera

Bringing to the Android Market what I consider one of the only useful augmented reality apps in existence, iOnRoad has introduced iOnRoad Augmented Driving. This app utilizes your Android device's rear camera to have a look at traffic in front of you, and, using complex visual algorithms, it determines headway, speed, direction, and potential traffic threats.

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What's more, the app still keeps watching, and keeps you abreast of any potential dangers while running in the background, meaning you can switch to your music player, messaging app, or phone, and still get alerts from iOnRoad.

ss-1280-0-2 ss-1280-1-2

On top of its incredible safety features, the apps also offers social integration, allowing you to unlock (and compete for) driving achievements (which seem to be geared toward safe driving), and upload snapshots of interesting sights, reckless drivers, etc.

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[New App] 'Secure Settings' Brings An Insane Amount Of Advanced And Root Features To Tasker/Locale Users

We recently started a new series of posts called the Mobile Security App Shootout, which focuses on keeping our devices safe and recovering them if lost or stolen. Along those same lines comes an amazing Tasker/Locale plugin centered around the device security called Secure Settings.

ss-480-0-0 ss-480-2-1 ss-480-3-2 ss-480-4-2

Designed for Android 2.2+, Secure Settings offers a plethora of features for both rooted and non-rooted users, including quick keyguard toggle and lock, Linux run command, set or reset password/pin, device wake, or wireless ADB (root only). With the help of Secure Settings Helper, rooted users can also take advantage of more advanced features such as the ability to enable/disable ADB, enable/disable GPS, enable/disable pattern lock, and much more.

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Theft Aware Gets A Licensing Tweak, Now Allows For Device Transfers

Remember the super-sweet anti-theft software Theft Aware that we first showed you back in November? The creators of said software have pinged us with some pretty rad info: the licensing has been tweaked so you can now transfer it to a new device!

Initially, the license was tethered to the handset for which it was originally purchased, so once you upgraded your phone, you had to buy a new license to go along with it. Now, though, they are offering a new, separate licensing model that allows you to transfer your license from your old device to the new one.

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