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Safe Folder feature officially rolling out in latest Files by Google beta (APK Download)

If you've followed the story of the Google Files app's Safe folder feature, you'd know it's been a roller-coaster. It was first spotted in development mid-June, but two weeks later, we saw signs of it being unceremoniously killed before it even went live for anyone. Well, it now appears to be alive and well, as it just showed up in the latest Files beta version. (Update: And Google has just formally announced the rollout.)

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Google kills 'safe folder' feature in Files by Google app before it was ever released

Just a few weeks ago, a new "safe folder" feature was spotted in development for the Files by Google app, allowing you to move files into a PIN- or password-protected folder where they would be encrypted and inaccessible to other apps. Although the feature was never formally released to consumers, XDA Developers managed to get it working. Now, two weeks later, a warning message in the app states that the unreleased feature is "no longer supported."

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Files by Google is getting a porn folder

According to a recent app teardown by the folks at 9to5Google (and further confirmation by XDA Developers, who got the feature working) the Files by Google app is picking up a new "safe folder" meant to protect files in a PIN-protected and encrypted hidden area, inaccessible to other apps. In other words, it's a porn folder.

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