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Chrome will keep you safe from deceptive websites and let you report them

Safety has often been one of Chrome's selling points, thanks to the Google Safe Browsing extensive database of potentially harmful websites. You've probably faced a deceptive site alert at least once when trying to download illegal content watch pony videos, thanks to the browser's built-in ability to detect potentially dangerous pages. Back in January, we reported Chrome would extend its warning system to let you know when you're accessing a deceptive URL such as instead of The new feature is now rolling out to all users starting today, together with an extension that lets you report sites that deliberately try to confuse people.

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WebView Safe Browsing coming to all apps this month

Google has maintained a list of malicious websites, such as those hosting malware or phishing scams, for nearly a decade. The company's Safe Browsing API allows web browsers to access the blocklist, and show a warning if the site is dangerous. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and countless other browsers use the Safe Browsing API.

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Android apps can now easily access Google's harmful website database

Google's Safe Browsing feature has been around since 2007, and has protected millions of people from harmful threats on the internet. It's a blacklist of harmful websites, such as those distributing malware and phishing scams, that Google actively updates every day. The database is used by Chrome, Firefox, and even Safari to ensure users can be as safe as possible online.

Back at Google I/O, Google announced they would make an official API for applications to check a given website in the Safe Browsing database. Starting with Google Play Services 9.4, developers can finally use the API in their apps.

The Safe Browsing API uses the latest version of the Safe Browsing Network Protocol, meaning it's designed to be as quick (and use up as little cellular data) as possible.

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Chrome Safe Browsing Now Warns Against Fake 'Download' Buttons And Other Deceptive Ads

You know those fake "download" buttons you see when you're searching for old Super NES ROMs completely legitimate open-source software? The kind that advertising networks sometimes spit out even on otherwise above-board sites? Yeah, they're awful, and they often link directly to copycat or malicious files. Google hates them as much as you do, and is taking steps to make them less effective. Starting today, Chrome browsers on all platforms will warn visitors to sites with potentially misleading or fake "download" ads.

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Google Has Brought Safe Browsing To Android, Active Since Chrome Version 46 And Google Play Services 8.1

The web can be a dangerous place filled with imitation websites, pop-ups that lead to malware, and sites that trick you into giving away your credit card information. Many of us know how to navigate these risks well enough, but for those that don't, and for those times that experienced browsers screw up, it's nice to have services like Google Safe Browsing doing their part to keep folks protected.

Safe Browsing provides that notification you get when you venture to a place Google deems unsafe. You can proceed to the webpage if you like, but Google recommends you back away slowly.

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Lookout Mobile Security v6 Brings Safe Browsing To Android, Protects Against Phishing Attacks And Malware

More and more often we use our mobile devices for tasks that we used to rely on desktop computers for - banking, social networking, general web surfing, etc. As mobile usage increases, so too does the number of attacks attacks that attempt to hijack your device or steal personal information. Fortunately, there are companies out there dedicated to protecting us and our information. One such company is Lookout, the creator of Lookout Mobile Security.

In my opinion, Lookout is hands down the best Android antivirus/antimalware application available, and it keeps getting better. Today, the Lookout Team introduces a new feature exclusive to Lookout Premium called Safe Browsing.

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