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Pick up a new unlocked Galaxy S20, S20+, or S20 Ultra for $200 off

There was a lot to love about the new Galaxy series when Samsung dropped its S20 trio earlier this year: Gorgeous 120Hz AMOLED displays, long-lasting batteries, and sophisticated camera systems to please all levels of photographers. With today's special deal, you can now save $200 on a brand new factory unlocked Galaxy S20, S20+, and even the exorbitant S20 Ultra at Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo.

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Sprint Galaxy S20 discounted to $650 ($350 off) on eBay

Yes, we know Sprint is going the way of the dodo soon, but the Galaxy S20 is one of the only phones Sprint customers should still consider buying. A reputable eBay seller is currently offering new units of the Sprint S20 for $649.99 a pop, which is $350 off MSRP.

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Should you buy the Galaxy Note20 or the Galaxy S20+?

Samsung just released the Galaxy Note20 series, and it might be the most polarizing Note lineup yet. The Note20 Ultra is undoubtedly an excellent phone, but it’s incredibly overpriced at $1,299, and the base Note20 is missing a few important features (even compared to the S20 series). Samsung’s overlapping product lineups can make it difficult to determine which exact model is best for you, but that’s what we’re here for.

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How to make your Samsung Galaxy smartphone feel more like a Pixel

I personally love Samsung's One UI, but not everybody wants their Samsung smartphone to feel quite so Samsung. Getting your phone to feel a little more Google and a little less Galaxy is fortunately quite straightforward, both thanks to Android itself and some of the inherent customization features found in One UI itself. In this guide, we'll show you how to make your Galaxy phone look and feel a bit more Pixel-y. I'll be using my S20 Ultra for this demonstration, but these steps can be used on any Samsung device running One UI 2.0.

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Unlocked Galaxy S20+ back down to $950 on Amazon ($250 off, US model)

Samsung announced its latest flagship lineup earlier this year, with the devices packing the newest tech from the Korean manufacturer. Sadly, the S20+ cost a whopping $1,200 when it came out, which could have been a roadblock for many. Thankfully, the handset is now selling for $950 on Amazon, making the device a lot more affordable.

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Snag a dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra for just $875 on eBay

Samsung makes a lot of phones, but the Galaxy S20 Ultra is right up there at the top. The high-end specifications and design add up to a premium experience, but one that also spells a steep price tag. If you've been itching to get your hands on Samsung's latest and greatest, eBay seller sobeonline1 is currently offering a sizable discount that brings the S20 Ultra down to just about $875 ($515 less than the US single-SIM edition).

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The T-Mobile Galaxy S10 series is receiving the June security patch

The first Galaxy S20 units are already receiving the July security patch in Korea and Europe, but in the US, the slow carrier rollout of the June update continues to arrive on many people's phones. People using a Galaxy S10 device on T-Mobile can look forward to the patch, which is only now starting to roll out to them. Along with the security enhancements, the phones are getting smaller system and performance improvements.

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Samsung updates A51 and A71 phones with flagship features from the Galaxy S20

Samsung is the most popular Android manufacturer in the world, and its bestsellers aren't its flagships. The company announced the mid-range A51 and A71 late last year with one of the catchiest jingles I've heard in a smartphone ad. Now software updates that bring many flagship-level features from the Galaxy S20 are coming to both of these lower-end phones.

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The 5 best things about the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Galaxy S20 series has been far more controversial than the S10 lineup it succeeds, thanks to a stratospheric price tag and camera system that doesn't quite hit the mark. You can find our review of the S20 Ultra here, but today I'm going to outline my five favorite aspects of this expensive, premium phone. I've had mine for over a month now, and it's been my daily driver since it arrived. As such, I've been able to experience everything the S20 Ultra has to offer, and what it's like to live with over a longer period.

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Dual-SIM Galaxy S20+ is just $800 on eBay, $400 less than the US model (Update: Now $770)

The new Galaxy S20 series is extremely expensive, so much so that Samsung is keeping the S10 series in production as the budget alternative. If you're okay with buying a model intended for international markets, you can now get a dual-SIM Galaxy S20+ for just $799.99 — $400 below what the US model costs.

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