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Samsung patents a possible notch-killer, may sneak a camera into the S Pen

The S Pen has always differentiated the Note series from other flagship smartphones, and each year Samsung has made it a little bit better. With the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung enhanced the S Pen with Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to supercharge 30 minutes of power in under a minute. Today, the USPTO has granted a patent that could see the S Pen also used as a camera with an optical zoom — potentially removing the need for a camera notch (or hole-punch).

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The Note9's new Bluetooth S Pen has a clever solution to its power problem, but one that's also pretty limiting

Powering mobile accessories is tricky business, with companies forced to balance concerns of capacity, charging speed, and ease of use. That challenge is doubly hard for something like a stylus, where space is at an absolute premium. Samsung's S Pen has long offered a graceful solution to these issues, leveraging Wacom digitizer technology to power the stylus by way of an electromagnetic field, without requiring any power supply on the S Pen itself. But now with the new Galaxy Note9, Samsung is giving its stylus Bluetooth connectivity, seriously complicating this arrangement. Luckily, Samsung has come up with another elegant solution, though one with some important limitations.

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[Update: 3 new HQ pics] Latest Galaxy Note9 leaks reveal all angles of the phone, including rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and new camera setup

We've been hearing some interesting things about the Galaxy Note9 lately, including a potential in-display fingerprint sensor, a Bluetooth-equipped S Pen, and ISOCELL Plus camera tech. We got a quick look at the phone itself a few days ago via a print ad leak, but it wasn't very comprehensive and it was the only source we had. Now, two more Note9 leaks have presented themselves: a live photo, along with a press render supplied by none other than Evan Blass.

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Galaxy Note9 and colorful new S Pen purportedly shown off in print ad leak

Note9 details and leaks have been picking up steam in recent days, and the latest addition to the growing pile of evidence surrounding the new phone comes courtesy of renowned leaker Ice universe. Just earlier today he showed off what is claimed to be a print advertisement picturing "the new super powerful Note," stylus and all.

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FCC confirms Galaxy Note 9 S Pen will have Bluetooth

Ever since its introduction, the S Pen has been the defining feature of the Galaxy Note series. Some users are so devoted to that stylus they won't even consider buying another phone. The S Pen hasn't changed much over the years, other than no longer getting stuck in the phone. Samsung seems to have something big planned for the Note 9, though. A new FCC report lists the S Pen as a Bluetooth device.

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[Update: Available in the Netherlands] Galaxy Tab Active 2 leaks with 480-nit 800p LCD, IP68 certification, removable 4450mAh battery, and more

Tablets are a dying market these days, but Samsung is still churning a bunch of models out. The company's next tablet will likely be the Galaxy Tab Active 2, and while it's not exactly a spec monster, it has some interesting features that will make using it outdoors a little bit easier.

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VentureBeat: Galaxy Note8 will sport 6.3" 1440p Infinity Display, Snapdragon 835, and 6GB of RAM

Just yesterday, famed leaker Evan Blass leaked some official images of the upcoming Galaxy Note8, essentially revealing it from all angles. There was virtually nothing else to know about the phone, save for some of its specs. But now, thanks to Evan yet again, we have the Note8's "final specs" courtesy of someone who was briefed on the phone's final configuration.

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Galaxy Tab A 10.1" with embedded S Pen comes to the US on October 28 for $349.99

Hey kids, are you ready for another variant of another Samsung Galaxy Tab? *Deafening cheers* Alright, here we go. Today Samsung has announced a new version of the Galaxy Tab A 10.1" for the US Market, but it made one small modification: an added S Pen. Insert mean joke about Samsung having too many S Pens lying around after the Note 7 debacle and nowhere to sell them now.

The new Galaxy Tab A 10.1" has much of the same specs of the original tablet that was announced back in May in Germany and marketed for families with children. Like the name suggests, the screen is a 10.1" TFT LCD with a 1920 x 1200 resolution.

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Samsung opens a Play Store beta program for the S Note app

S Note is the included app for Samsung's Note series that enables, well, notation. It's designed to be used with the S Pen stylus for a variety of quick notes and drawings. It features most of the things that you'd expect from a notation tool, but since it's such a signature part of the differentiating hardware, Samsung seems interested in making a beta version of the app available to its users. The beta app is up on the Play Store now - head to this address to opt-in to the program, then this address to download it.

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Adobe Illustrator Draw 2.0 Adds Better Tablet Compatibility, S-Pen Support, More

I can't draw a stickman if my life depended on it, so I'm slightly jealous of anyone who can hold a pen and make beautiful images out of thin air. Or maybe hold a phone and launch Adobe Illustrator Draw to create digital drawings and graphics. Or, even better now that version 2.0 is out, an Android tablet. That sweet big screen estate!

With its latest update, Adobe Illustrator Draw is not only expanding its tablet compatibility to work better in landscape on different tablet sizes, it's also including a bunch of new features, like S-Pen support with pressure and palm rejection, brush selection to set your favorite ones in the toolbar, and a digital ruler to help you draw better geometric shapes.

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