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Ryan Reynolds, of Deadpool and Detective Pikachu fame, now owns Mint Mobile

Most of us might consider something like a TV, phone, or new computer a pretty big purchase (even with Black Friday savings), while others might look down into their morning coffee and think to themselves, "I need to buy a carrier." Today Ryan Reynolds — actor, superhero, occasionally Pikachu — is the new owner of Mint Mobile, the popular discount MVNO.

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Ryan Reynolds immortalizes himself in digital art as a new Pokemon Detective Pikachu AR Playmoji

Tomorrow, Japanese moviegoers will be able to get their tickets punched for "Pokemon Detective Pikachu," the first live-action film based on the franchise. Select theaters in the United States will have screenings starting May 9. But if you want to get acquainted with the three-dimensional fluffball that is Ryan Reynolds... I mean, Pikachu, you can do so with Google's latest Playmoji pack for Playground.

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