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Relive the nostalgic dread of the Cold War with board game Twilight Struggle, now in the Play Store

International spying! Demagogic leaders! Jingoistic nationalism! Everything old is new again as the United States and Russia seem to be squaring up for another decades-long pissing contest. So while you wait for the next big hack or diplomatic faux pas, why not relive those happy memories of the original Cold War? Twilight Struggle, a two-player strategy title based on the 20th century's biggest game of chicken, has landed in the Play Store. It's five dollars, only a third of the price of the PC version.

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Samsung Pay to come to Malaysia, Russia, and Thailand before the end of 2016

Of the different mobile payment solutions, Samsung Pay may as well be one of the most successful so far at expanding to different countries and implementing new features. After launching in South Korea then quickly following up in the USA (and later Puerto Rico) in 2015, it has come to China, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, and Spain.

These 7 countries will be joined by 3 more before the end of 2016: Malaysia, Russia, and Thailand. Samsung says this will bring the total of countries to 10 in 2016, which leaves a question mark regarding the promised availability of the payment solution in Canada and the UK also by the end of 2016.

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Russia issues measly $6.8 million fine against Google in antitrust case

Russia began investigating Google for antitrust violations last year after the largest search engine in the country, Yandex, complained to authorities. It alleged that Google's promotion of its own services over alternatives (like Yandex) on Android was anti-competitive. Now, the Russian Federation Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has issued a $6.8 million fine against Google. Surely, this will bankrupt the company.

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Samsung Video Billboard Turns A Moscow Office Building Into A 260-Foot Galaxy S7 Edge

These days advertising seems to be looking for an edge, a unique and original approach that will engage potential customers and hold their attention better than the bombastic and simple ads of days gone by. And then again, sometimes it doesn't... sometimes subtelty goes out the window, right before you apply a sign the size of a 25-story building to the other side of it. Such is the case with a Samsung advertisement in the Sokol district of Moscow, which uses a 262-foot tall building as a backdrop for the world's largest Galaxy S7 Edge.

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New Google Play Carrier Billing Options Pop Up In Italy, Malaysia, Russia, And South Africa


Russian Anti-Monopoly Agency Rules Against Google For Pre-Loading Gapps On Phones, Plans To Issue Fine

Google is not the largest search provider in Russia, but that didn't stop market leader Yandex from filing an anti-monopoly complaint against Google earlier this year. Now the Russian Federal Anti-monopoly Service (FAS) has quite predictably sided with Yandex. According to FAS, Google illegally required Android device makers in Russia to include its apps and services alongside the Play Store.

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Sony Xperia M5 And C5 Ultra Leak In Russia Ahead Of Announcement

Sony's smartphone division isn't doing great right now, but the company is still pumping out devices like there's no tomorrow (and maybe there isn't). The mid-range Xperia M5 and C5 Ultra have been leaked in full by, and one of them has some interesting design ideas.

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Samsung Quietly Announces The Mid-Range Galaxy Tab A With Metal Design And A 4:3 Screen

The Galaxy Tab A has been whispered about for the last several weeks, and now it's official... at least in Russia. Samsung's newest tablets are slotting into the space previously occupied by the Galaxy Tab 4 line, so they're mid-range devices. However, it's important to note these tablets have 4:3 screens like the Nexus 9 or the iPad. That makes them instantly more interesting in my opinion.


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Google Blocks AdSense And AdWords In Crimea Following US Sanctions, Play Services Starting February 1st

The US and EU have put in effect sanctions against the Crimea area of Ukraine following Russia's annexation of the peninsula, and now various tech companies are complying. Google has already started to block AdSense and AdWords in the region, reports TechCrunch, and it plans to cut off Google Play services starting on February 1st.

Google's actions follow the likes of Apple, PayPal, and Valve (which has opted to turn off Steam in Crimea altogether). When Google cuts off access to Google Play services, this will apply to both paid and free provisions, but the company will continue to provide access to web-based services such as search, Gmail, and Maps.

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The AMOLED/E-Ink YotaPhone 2 Gets A Full Review Before Its Russian Release

Are you curious to see how the versatile YotaPhone 2 performs in the real world? So are we. But with a launch in Russia and Europe scheduled for later this week and no US launch in sight, we'll have to admire it from afar. One Russian technology site is a little more lucky, however: has managed to snag a review unit. If you're fluent in Russian you can head over there now - if not, you can check out this Google translation.


Since Yota itself hasn't been all that forthcoming with the phone's detailed specs, we're glad to see the reviewer list them out.

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