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Runtastic becomes Adidas Running four years after acquisition

There are many fitness tracking apps around to monitor your runs, rides, and other workouts. Over the past few years, several of them have been acquired by athletic apparel and footwear manufacturers, which usually made them part of their overall fitness offering. For instance, Under Amour integrated Map My Fitness and Edomondo into its portfolio, and Asics did the same with Runkeeper. Adidas also went shopping back in 2015, when it bought Runtastic. Two years later, the company shut down its miCoach ecosystem, prompting users to migrate to the newly acquired service. The German brand now pushed the integration further, as it officially renamed Runtastic to Adidas Running.

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[Freebie Alert] Runtastic Mountain Bike Pro down from $4.99 to $0

Every now and then, Runtastic throws a bone to active and sporty people by discounting its Pro apps to zero. That's zilch. No pennies, no dimes, no dollars. It's happened with Sit Ups ProPedometer Pro, Road Bike Pro, and now is the time for Mountain Bike Pro.

For mountain bikers, Runtastic's app provides MTB tour tracking and thousands of bike routes, voice coaching so you don't have to get your eyes off the road and risk an injury, live tracking, offline maps for those out-of-reach areas, music controls, and plenty of stats and graphs to satisfy your inner nerd or your thirst for improvement.

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Runtastic's new app is all about healthy recipes and its name is... Runtasty

When I think of Runtastic, I think of an app that I install on every phone fully intending to use it. Unfortunately, I completely forget about it and end up uninstalling it when I go through a regular purge of my drawer. What I don't think of is cooking food (at least in regards to the app itself), but here we are with Runtastic's latest: Runtasty.

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Adidas to shut down miCoach services, users can migrate to Runtastic and get a free Premium membership

Adidas bought Runtastic in August of 2015 for more than $200 Millions, and since then, we haven't seen a lot of signs of that acquisition. But that changes now with the news that Adidas will be shutting down its own sports platform and apps, miCoach, and focusing instead on Runtastic.

Compared to miCoach, Runtastic is more developed, has more features and more users, and is compatible and integrated with plenty of third-party apps and accessories. If you ask me, it seems like the better service and Adidas is making the right choice, even if this could anger or annoy some miCoach users.

But thankfully, Adidas is making the switch as smooth as possible.

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Runtastic and Google Play Music team up to bring you the tunes

While I enjoy working out, I will admit that going without my favorite music makes it much more difficult — especially with cardio. For me, good music equals gains. Equally important, though, is keeping track of progress, but that can often require switching between two or three apps. That is, unless you go old-school and carry a notebook.

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Runtastic Butt Trainer, Leg Workout, And Six Pack Add Chromecast Support

Exercise apps are a really good target for the Chromecast. If you're trying to follow the exact steps of a workout and you don't know the body position and movements, you don't want to check your small phone's screen and keep fiddling with its angle and trying to turn it on each time the display timeout kicks off, while also struggling to maintain a Crab Bridge. Instead, you'd much rather it was streamed to your big TV and you could follow along and see it no matter what weird angle your head is at.

That's why it's cool to see Runtastic's suite of dedicated workout apps add Chromecast support.

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Runtastic Results Will Give You Runtastic Results Through A 12-Week Strength Training Plan, As Long As You Pay $10 A Month

You want to become a rock hard slab of skin and muscle. I hear you, and I understand. Here's a pro-tip, you have a great fitness trainer already floating around in your pocket. Look at it. That flat, hard sheet of glass. That chiseled frame. Your phone is in great physical shape, and it knows just what to do to help you get there.

First, download Runtastic Results. This is the latest release from Runtastic, and those guys make good software for people who prefer the thought of training at home rather than going to the nearby gym. In the past we've covered their approach to running (go figure), riding bikes, and getting those six-pack abs.

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Athletic Apparel Producer Adidas Buys Fitness App Maker Runtastic For Over $200 Million

Adidas, the company that made your pair of gym shoes and track pants, has purchased Runtastic. It reportedly paid around $239 million to close the deal.

Around these parts, Runtastic is known for having produced a series of great fitness-related apps. There's Runtastic's running app that got the ball rolling, and there are a couple of cycling ones that do the same thing for bikes. Then there are dedicated offerings for pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. Some of Runtastic's apps hone in on specific body parts, such as Butt Trainer, Leg Workout, and Six-Pack Abs.

In a blog post, Runtastic says it will remain its own entity within the Adidas Group.

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Runtastic Adds Leaderboards, Real Voice Coach, And A New Story Run In Version 6.0


[App Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Apps Of May 2015

There's no nice way to say this: May kind of sucked for new apps. There were a lot of notable updates to major existing apps (including a slew of Material Design updates), but the biggest news of the month came from Microsoft, of all places. Oh well - a short field just means it's that much easier to pick your bets. Here in no particular order are our top picks for the month of May, and a few runners up.


Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

The biggest apps to drop on Android in May are from Microsoft, the company's Holy Trinity of Office apps, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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