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Runkeeper Becomes Next Mobile Fitness App To Get Acquired By An Athletics Company (This Time It's ASICS)

A number of fitness-oriented apps popped up over the past few years and attracted users with ways to track their workouts. Whether it's counting calories or mapping out runs, people have embraced the concept by the millions.

Athletic companies have picked up on this. Last year we watched Under Armour purchase MyFitnessPal and Endomondo. Months later, Adidas scooped up Runtastic. Now ASICS is buying FitnessKeeper, the company behind Runkeeper, for an as of yet undisclosed amount.

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'Human' Steps Into The Play Store, Dragging Its All-Day Activity Tracking Features Behind

Human's activity and fitness tracker has been available on iOS since 2013, but it has just decided to get its running shoes on and ride to the Android side. The app takes a passive approach to activity tracking, working in the background on your phone to figure out everything (walks, runs, bike rides) you've done throughout the day. If this sounds familiar, it's because it's very similar to Google Fit or to the previous "celebrity" in the category, Moves.

Where Human is slightly different is in its focus on trying to make you actively move more throughout the day.

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Adidas Releases A New, Separate App For Train & Run Beta


Google Fit v1.55.44 Adds Run Mapping, Nutrition And Sleep Tracking, Audible Alerts, And Much More [APK Download + Teardown]

A very long-awaited update to Google Fit began rolling out earlier this week, but it seemed to focus almost entirely on improvements to the Wear micro-app while the main app was all but ignored. As it turns out, that was a mistake. A fresh update to the app started rolling out yesterday and it brings the rest of the features that were intended for this release – and what a list of features they are.

Note: Everything here was about to be part of a teardown, but the update stole that thunder.

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Spotify Running Officially Rolls Out To Android Users Starting Today

Spotify Running has been available for quite some time now, first on iOS, but also for Android users who signed up for beta updates. These folks got to try things out back in June. Now Spotify has officially announced the feature's availability for regular premium subscribers with Android devices.

This makes Android's launch a full four months after Spotify Running came to Apple's mobile platform. As for whether this was a long wait, well, we've certainly seen longer.

Spotify Running prompts you to select a tempo when you start running. It will try to provide music that matches your adrenaline level and music preferences at the same time.

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Sony's Smart B-Trainer Headset For Runners Will Become Available In The US Sometime This Fall

Sony announced the Smart B-Trainer at this year's CES as part of its continued efforts to log your life. This fitness-oriented device isn't the wrist band you might expect. Instead, it's a headset. Now Sony has provided a few more details, including a launch time frame. The Smart B-Trainer is scheduled to hit the US this fall.

The SSE-BTR1 headphone-integrated device comes with six sensors. There's a barometer and gyroscope, along with the tech required to measure your acceleration, cardinal direction, GPS location, and heart rate.

The companion app lets you log your runs. This means tracking how far you ran, how long you took, how high you went, how many steps, how quickly you moved, how many calories you burned in the process, and a number of other measurements.

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Nike+ Running 1.7 Jogs In With Updated Home And In-Run Screens, Improved Run Setup, And More

The more seat bound and satisfied among our readers may be surprised to know that there are no shortage of Android apps out there that want to track how you run. Actually, maybe not. All that time spent on the computer probably means a greater likelihood of running across this post and the many like it than someone who's out running. Either way, the Nike+ app has managed to reach version 1.7 without spraining something, and it has picked up a few new features along the way.

This release comes with an updated home screen. When you sign-in, you will now see a leaderboard preview at the bottom that compares your runs to those of your friends, assuming you know people who also use the app.

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Runtastic 5.9.2 Adds Always-On Mode For Android Wear

And now, we interrupt our Google I/O coverage to bring you this health bulletin.

Runtastic is one of the few apps that are commendable for quickly - really quickly - adapting to any new Android releases, options, or APIs. Today, the app is keeping its track record of jumping head-first into new features by adding an always-on mode for Android Wear watches.


You don't need to do anything for the function to work - that is if your Wear watch is already on Android 5.1.1, which enables always-on mode for apps. When you start a new Runtastic activity, the card will show up on your watch. Tap it to expand for the full details, and if you don't touch your watch for a few seconds, the app goes into always-on mode, inverting its colors for less power consumption but still presenting all the details that you've picked.

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Chrono List Is A Simple, Material, And Completely Free Interval Timer

Sometimes developers strike (figurative) gold. They send an app submission just when you're thinking that you need to find an app that does the exact same thing, and it's Presidents Day so your plate is otherwise empty and you can try it out. Such is the case with Chrono List. But let's back up.

For a few days now, I have been thinking how silly it is that I have to keep staring at my treadmill's timer to figure out when to switch speeds during my runs. See, some days I go for a gradual speed increase over 5' intervals, and other days I do a HIIT of 1' intense runs and 2' walks. I can't exactly lose [my]self in the music, or have myself a good time if my eyes are rooted to the clock the entire run.

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Plantronics Backbeat Fit Review: A Sporty Bluetooth Headset That Crosses The Finish Line

One of my favorite Bluetooth earphones of all time is Plantronics' Backbeat GO 2. Ever since I got it over a year ago, you'd rarely find me outside of home or work without seeing it around my neck. It accompanies me on my walks, my shopping, and most of my daily activities. It is small and minimalistic, easily fits in my purse, and lightly hangs around my neck when not in use. It's also quite comfortable to wear for 2 or 3 hours continuously, enough to entertain me on all of my outings.

The one problem with the Backbeat GO 2 is its fit, especially when engaged in more energetic activities like running.

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