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LG will reportedly stick with LCD screens for the G7

Rumors about LG's next flagship have been all over the place. LG was considering rebranding the G series, then the company reportedly started over on the phone. A device called the 'G7 Neo' was privately shown at MWC last month, which had a 19.5:9 OLED screen with a notch. Whatever phone ends up being the G7, it won't have an AMOLED display, according to a new report from The Investor.

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The first Android P developer preview will apparently arrive in mid-March

Android O developer previews began rolling out in March last year, and if a tweet from famed leaker Evan Blass is to be trusted, we should be getting the first Android P developer preview at approximately the same time. That means that we've only got one or two weeks to wait.

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LG's next flagship reportedly launching in June

Earlier this year, LG announced that it would no longer release smartphones on a yearly schedule, opting to launch new models "when it is needed." Shortly afterwards, a report from The Investor claimed that LG was starting over on its next flagship. And all the while, there were conflicting reports on whether the phone would be called the G7 at all.

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Leaked renders show upcoming Nokia 7+ with Android One, plus cheap and cheerful Nokia 1

Under the stewardship of HMD Global, the revival of Nokia-branded phones continues apace. The company seems intent on filling out its Android lineup with every number one through ten, and the next devices rumored to be joining the ranks are the Nokia 7+ and the Nokia 1. Thanks to serial leaker Evan Blass, we now know what they're going to look like.

HMD's recent Nokia devices have been well supported and well received – check out Rita's Nokia 8 review, for example. The Nokia 7 was only announced in October, but it seems a plus version is already on its way, likely to be debuted at MWC 2018 in Barcelona at the end of the month.

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Sony possibly making last-minute changes to upcoming flagship

Sony has maintained mostly the same design on its smartphones for years - a blocky shape, usually with a side fingerprint sensor and large bezels. While there are plenty of people content with that aesthetic (they are very vocal in our comments), there's no denying Sony's lineup is starting to look a bit dated, with 18:9 screens and small bezels becoming more common.

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Amazon reportedly working on a custom chip to make Alexa faster

The smart speaker wars are in full swing, with Amazon and Google dominating most of the market. Amazon's Alexa assistant was first on the scene, but Google Assistant is making progress, particularly with the Home Mini and third-party speakers. According to a report from The Information, Amazon is working on its own AI chip designed to make Alexa-powered devices respond quicker.

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Google may get into game streaming with 'Yeti' subscription service and its own hardware

According to The Information, Google might be preparing for a big move into gaming. The company is reportedly working on a game streaming service called Yeti, which would leverage the success of its Chromecast platform to deliver games without a download. This is all still very much rumor and speculation, but it could be a big business if Google gets it right.

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LG has reportedly scrapped the in-development G7, working on a new design

Despite the G6 and V30 being fairly good phones, LG's mobile division has continued to report losses year after year. Last week at CES, LG announced that it would no longer release smartphones on a yearly schedule, instead opting to launch new models "when it is needed." According to a new report from The Investor, LG CEO and Vice Chairman Jo Seong-jin told the company to start over on the upcoming G7 flagship.

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Android Pay might officially launch in Brazil on November 14

Android Pay's arrival in Brazil has been rumored for a long time, but back in May, Google confirmed that it would be live by the end of the year in a few countries amongst which was Brazil. Most of those already have Pay, so Brazilian users have been waiting, but they won't be put off for a lot longer apparently.

It seems that Google has started issuing invites to the press in Brazil for the launch event, which will take place on November 14. The first partners are rumored to be Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Itaú e Caixa, Mastercard, Visa, Elo, and Porto Seguro.

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This is the BlackBerry Motion, an upcoming Android phone with no keyboard in sight

Since BlackBerry got out of the hardware game, and TCL started building phones for the company previously known for its physical keyboard-toting business phones, we've seen a couple of new BlackBerry-branded devices. There was the modest Aurora (sans keyboard), specifically for the Indonesian market, and then there was the flagship KEYone, which was supposed to invoke memories of BlackBerry roots with its physical keyboard. It did so, to some extent, even if it was underwhelming in certain areas.

The next phone to be released under the BlackBerry name can now be seen in full, thanks to serial leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks).

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