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HTC denies claims that it will stop selling phones in India

HTC has not been doing well lately, to say the least. The company is currently laying off 1,500 employees, and its June sales were down 68% from last year. Now there are reports that HTC is exiting the Indian market, which the company is denying.

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'Galaxy Watch' name confirmed for upcoming Samsung watch, will reportedly come with Bixby

We've been hearing quite a bit about Samsung's Gear S3 replacement, which has yet to be announced. Most recently, we'd heard that the watch, dubbed 'Galaxy Watch,' would come with Wear OS and a blood pressure monitor. That 'Galaxy Watch' moniker has now been confirmed by an official Samsung filing, and SamMobile is reporting that Bixby will be on board.

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Source: The LG V40 will have five cameras and face unlock

Speaking to a source familiar with the company's plans, we've learned that LG is working on a successor to its V30 handset, tentatively known as the V40 - and it will feature five cameras. It's not clear exactly what all of them will do, but at least one of the two on the front (and possibly both) will allow you to unlock the phone with your face. Based on the setup process described to us, it seems this could be a stereo configuration allowing a 3D map of the face to be recorded - but we're not certain.

The three cameras on the rear - a configuration we've only seen yet on Huawei's P20 Pro - include a standard wide lens, LG's signature ultrawide lens, and a third sensor for an as-yet undetermined purpose.

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LG could be planning an Android One Q7 variant exclusive to T-Mobile

While the Android One program was initially intended to be something more akin to what Android Go is now, it's still a simple, bloat-free version of the OS that gets faster updates than skinned OEM devices. Until Nokia decided to go all in with Android One, there was very little choice when it came to devices, but it looks like other manufacturers are coming around to the benefits.

Rumors have been circulating for a little while that LG is planning to release an Android One smartphone. XDA Developers has been digging around for evidence, and it looks like we can expect a variant of the LG Q7 to launch running a vanilla Android build.

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[Update: Maybe not] Samsung may be using Wear OS for its upcoming smartwatches instead of Tizen

Those of you who follow Samsung closely may have noticed that devices running Android or Android-based OSes (e.g. Galaxy S9, Galaxy J7, Galaxy Gear) all have the "Galaxy" in their name for the most part, whereas those that run Tizen/other software (e.g. Gear Fit, Gear S3, Z4) don't. You can imagine our confusion, then, when it was revealed that Samsung filed trademark applications for the names "Galaxy Watch" and "Galaxy Fit." But with famed leaker Evan Blass's latest tweet, it seems like Samsung may actually be releasing a pair of Wear OS smartwatches.

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Google may have a Snapdragon 710-powered mid-range Pixel phone in the works

We only just learned of the Snapdragon 710 a little over a week ago, but OEMs always learn of these things far before us consumers. According to a tweet by Roland Quandt of WinFuture, Google may be using the new mid-range chipset from Qualcomm in the rumored mid-range Pixel phone.

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Galaxy Note9 allegedly coming in August with upgraded camera

Now that the Galaxy S9 is widely available, Samsung is turning its attention to this year's Note device. The Note7 was launched in August of 2016, and the Note8 went on sale in September 2017. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Samsung is targeting an August launch for the Note9, with an improved camera as the main selling point.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 passes WiFi Alliance certification

Some may argue that Android tablets are dead and useless, but I'll still sit here with my Galaxy Tab S2, my miraculously still-functional Nexus 7 (2013), and shake my head furiously, refusing to accept that truth. I love Android tablets and I have continued to use them daily ever since I bought my first Acer Iconia Tab A100 many, many years ago. They're great for browsing the web and comparison shopping on Amazon and eBay, and they've been an intricate part of my daily job on Android Police as I do most of my editing work on them. That's why I'm super excited to see Samsung still pursuing tablets and getting close to launch a new Galaxy Tab S4.

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[Update: Images pulled from FCC] Images of a Google-branded Android TV dongle appear at the FCC - but they look sketchy

What you're looking at above is a photo from an FCC certification for a "4K ATV Stick" manufactured by "Shenzhen SEI Robotics Co." There are a boatload of photos of this apparently Android TV-powered device in the FCC listing, including a very poorly-written manual with sentences like "Set up your TV with Android phone or tablet if you have." And there's a big, fat Google "G" logo plastered on the front.

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Google reportedly working on non-algorithmic YouTube Kids app

If you're not familiar with it, YouTube Kids is a mobile and TV app designed to only show child-appropriate content. However, YouTube Kids filters content using algorithms, so inappropriate content sometimes slips through. Conspiracy theories, suggestive videos depicting superhero/Disney characters, and other harmful content has been known to appear on the app.

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