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FUD alert: There is not a secret plan to use Denuvo DRM on the Play Store

A thread gaining steam on the r/android subreddit asserts a leaked email from DRM firm Denuvo's website as evidence that Google is looking into implementing such DRM on the Play Store. Additionally, the existence of an APK file on Denuvo's server marked as a 'Denuvo Sample' was used to bolster the claims.

This is unsubstantiated fear-mongering.

First, the email cited, sent by Jan Newger, is well over two years old (looking at the raw dump, it was sent November 24th, 2014). Second, there is no reason to believe that email is at all related to the APK on Denuvo's server, which may well just be a sample package sent to potential customers (which could be any app publisher).

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Those Sony "Nexus X" Pictures Might Hold Yet Another [Hilarious] "Surprise"

Update: Several of you have pointed out that this same visual could be accomplished by holding a Galaxy Nexus in your right hand, with the pinky wrapped around the bottom of the phone. I tried this with a phone of comparable width, and it's pretty hard to emulate the image here to a reasonably precise degree. But, I'd say it is possible, though I think this interpretation is at least a little funnier (here's how I'm picturing it).

Earlier today, our own Liam Spradlin provided a great breakdown of why we think those Sony "Nexus X" photos that are floating around aren't the real deal.

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