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Snake Rewind Review: The Original Mobile Game Comes Back Without Selling Out

It's close to a universal among those who are old enough that we all once owned a Nokia phone and played Snake. We didn't get those early cell phones to play games, but lo and behold, there was a simple and addicting game within. After many years, Snake's creator the man who brought Snake to mobile phones—Taneli Armanto—has teamed with Rumilus Design to revamp and re-release the classic with a little bit of modern flair. After their recent announcement, Armanto and Rumilus released the game to the Play Store yesterday. I've been testing it a bit longer than that and have enjoyed the way the creators stayed true to the original concept while still sprucing things up for a completely new era of mobile gaming.

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Snake Rewind Is Now Live In The Play Store

We announced a few days back the impending arrival of the game Snake Rewind. For those of you who may have missed the post, here's a little recap. The new game, Snake Rewind, is based on the old classic Snake, and was developed by Rumilus Design with the help of Taneli Armanto, the man responsible for putting snake on Nokia handsets. The game features similar mechanics as the original title which was the first smash hit mobile game.

Snake Rewind was originally set for release on May 14th, but to our surprise, the app is already live on the Play Store a few hours early!

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The Man Who Put Snake On A Mobile Device Set To Revive The Game On Android With 'Snake Rewind' May 14th

Taneli Armanto is a name that probably not many of you are familiar with. However, his most notable accomplishment is something that has wasted dozens of hours of my life and probably the lives of most of the people who read this blog. Taneli Armanto is the man responsible for putting Snake, one of the most widely played and recognized games of all time, on a mobile device.

Back in the days when Nokia ruled the wireless world, some 400 million Nokia devices were sold with Snake on board. The game existed before Taneli created his popular version for Nokia, but its explosion in popularity was very much due to the fact that now millions had the game in their pockets all the time.

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